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Sensory Bin Ideas For Christmas ~ Christmas Ornament

I seen an on YouTube suggesting using plastic Christmas ornaments as a sensory bin filler. I thought it would be so much fun for the kids, and I’m hoping it also keeps the little ones from pulling all the ornaments off of the Christmas Tree this year 🙂 .

Whats Inside the sensory bin?

  • Plastic Christmas Ornaments
  • Bin to put the ornaments in
  • Scoops and containers to use with the ornaments
It is just a bucket filled with plastic Christmas Ornaments, I made sure each one has at least 1 match to each ornament, and then have them search for the match, we have made patterns, scooping and pouring them, counting them, skip counting, and just having fun. Who knew there could be so many uses for plastic christmas ornaments??

Right now I have this set on the table in the living room for the kids to use. We are still working on not throwing them around like “balls” but getting better with guidance 🙂

These are the containers and scoop used to explore, I did decide to add a pair of tongs to. All of the scoops and containers we use I have found at the Dollar Store and the thrift store for quite cheap.

Thank you for sharing!!



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