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Christmas Sensory Bin
I love putting together sensory bins for the kids. This is one that I put together last Christmas for the kids during a period of time when I was pretty sick. I gave the kids something to keep them busy and let me rest on the couch and try to feel better. Because I was sick I didn’t end up getting this bin posted last year, so here it is now!
Whats Inside:
  • Slippery Spheres (water beads)
  • Grow your own christmas sponges I found at the Dollar Store
  • Water
  • Cups
This is what the bin looked like soon after adding everything, as you can see the beads haven’t had a chance to grow and either have the Christmas Sponges.

Once the sponges started growing the kids loved it! I guess the fact that during the winter other than baths the kids don’t really get to play in the water much.

These are what the sponges looked like all grown. Very nice and festive for our Christmas Sensory Bin!

Here are a few of our previous Christmas Sensory Bins for more ideas.

Our Christmas Sensory bin last year was lots of fun, Ethan and Gabe loved the stocking and also using the garland to decorate the school room daily 😉

Just a few Dollar Store items with some measuring cups was tons of fun in this Christmas Sensory Bin for the kids. The especially loved hiding presents inside the stockings.
Our Christmas Cutting Bin was such a wonderful idea for practicing cutting of course Christmas Themed. If I have a child in the sensitive period for cutting this can keep them busy for a long time!

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