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Christmas Wrapping Station

I picked Ethan up from school early one day and they were having the kids wrap and unwrap presents.  He was so excited about getting to play “santa’s workshop” at school, so I figured it would be fun and easy to set up our own Christmas wrapping station for him at home during Christmas Break.
I had Dustin cut a roll of wrapping paper into pieces small enough to wrap up wooden blocks, set those in a pile and set some wooden blocks into a container to be wrapped.
Here are the blocks we used as “presents” just plain wooden blocks.
I decided that Ethan definitely wasn’t ready to handle the roll of tape on his own yet, so I would tear off a bunch of pieces and put them on the edge of the table for him to grab. I showed him where to put the tape for the first 2 and he managed the rest on his own!
 He ended up giving the presents to Gabe when he woke up from his nap, and letting him open them! Overall he has enjoyed this activity and it has been an activity he has chosen many times now.

Thank you for sharing!!



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