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As a parent of 6 kids I work hard to make sure that my kids get individual time with me as much a possible, we accomplish this through reading together, doing school together, and taking just 1 kids out for a parent night alone with just mom and dad a few times a year.

At meal times and our circle time every day we sit together as a family and this time has made for some very precious moments one that I cherish and thank God for everyday. Circle time is something we have been implementing into our homeschool day since the beginning, it has just evolved over the years! So when we were given the opportunity to review Circle Time the Best Part of your Day from a fellow mama of even more blessings then we have, I was very excited

For anyone who doesn’t know who she is, her name is Kendra Fletcher she is the mom of 8 children and blogs over at Preschoolers and Peace  I have been following her blog for a while now and get lots of encouragement there! It was wonderful to find another mama that has similar views to us and someone who has been through as many big trials in life as we have. I find her courage and ability to share the trials God has put in their families path something that is encouraging! She is also a part of Schoolhouse Teachers, does speaking engagements, and even has a special needs kiddo and still fits time in to homeschool her 8 children, and keeps a blog running. Wow I can’t image this wonderful lady gets much sleep  ;-).

Kendra has put out Circle Time The Best Part Of Your Day, it is a 33 page e-book that contains so many different ideas on what you can add to your own circle time every day. In the book she talks about dealing with kids who don’t want to sit through circle time, the children who are “to old” for circle time, how to deal with the little ones as you work on circle time and many other dilemmas that you may face during your circle time trough the years. This e-book is a wealth of information for any homeschool family and will help you to make Circle Time the best and favorite part of your homeschool day.

Circle TIme is supposed to bring homeschool families closer together and is a memorable way to start each school day, it also helps to make everyone in the house feel like they are important and included. From the teenagers all the way down to the littlest ones. We have enjoyed circle time for many years, but adding in some of the subjects and topics that are suggested in this e-book has changed the whole dynamic of our homeschool morning.

Granted we school year round we do slow down in the summer allowing the kids to enjoy the nature around them and enjoy lots of field trips, so we have only been doing about 40 minutes of circle time to work on important subjects I don’t want the kids loosing over the summer. Some of them are scripture memory, reading great literature out loud, some grammar and writing review, and some fun math practice.

Once our full school year starts up our circle time will be about 2 hours long to incorporate as many of the group subjects as we possibly can into that time. This will include our lap books/notebooks, memory verses, memory work, MOH, Grapevine Bible Studies, History, Science, Art, Family Time Fitness, and many other subjects. Some of the classes we will do on certain days of the weeks and others we will do daily.

Something that is discussed inside the book is teaching the younger children to sit for longer periods of time during your circle time. I strongly believe that this is a critical skill to teach young children, especially in a house with more then just a couple kids. It teaches them that they will not always get what they want right away, how to patiently find something to keep themselves busy, how to play with toys, color, or do puzzles to keep them busy while mom is working with the other kids. I also feel that it is important to include the littlest ones into your circle time by doing age appropriate activities that will get them engaging with everyone else, this helps make the young children feel included to.

Being flexible is a huge thing to make your circle time a success as stated in the book, childrens likes and needs change as they get older and if one of your children is having a problem with circle time look further into the reasons for the problems. Inside this ebook are many answers to lots of different questions that parents might have while using Circle Time in their homeschool settings, along with answers to questions that parents sent into Kendra asking for advise about a situation about their circle time.

At the end of the book, she shares some printable files to help you get started on your own circle time planning. The first thing that is included in your printable files is a check list or wish list, this has many different sub topics for the many different topics that can be added to your circle time. Some of the topics are Memorization, Devotionals, Academics, and Life Skills.

Following the wish list is a printable Independent/group work printable page. On this page you have space to add any projects that need to be completed, DVD/Online activities, an area for academics for any group/independent skills, and memory work practice. At the top of the page you also have a theme verse and scripture memory verse area so that you can write down those bits of information.

Using the printable files, I put together a list of different accomplishments I wanted to get done during our circle time and also made a list of different things we could fit in if there was extra time, as the book recommends. I am also working on putting together my whole weeks worth of group work pages to use for the upcoming school year.

The Circle Time program comes with extras that are shared over at the Preschoolers and Peace website stop over and check them out, along with the Circle Time Resources. Kendra has written many different posts about Circle Time in her house and also some more information about the e-book.

We have loved reading this e-book and was an amazing thing to be able to enhance our circle time. It has provided us with different ideas to make our circle time even better, given me forms to use to be able to plan our circle time better, and it has helped my circle time become more organized and well rounded. I will be very excited to use it for the beginning of our day once we start back to full time school for the year to help us get more of our group studies done in the morning and add classes or studies I haven’t thought of adding before. For the price that this e-book is offered I would recommend this to any other homeschooling parent.

What is your favorite thing to incorporate into your circle time?


What Is The Cost Of Circle Time?

You can download your own copy of Circle Time The Best Part Of Your Day for only $4.99


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