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I have finally finished putting together our Antarctica continent box for the kids. This is our first continent box, I am expecting to take the next month to really dig into learning as much as we can about Antarctica. Now I am going to share with you all the fun stuff found inside our Antarctica Continent Box.

I am using the Stockholm Document boxes from The Container Store, each of the Continent Boxes will be the Montessori Color for each of the continents. Antarctica’s color is white, so our box is white, I am really happy with these boxes as they are quite large and can fit a lot of stuff in them. I am still trying to figure out what to use to put the satellite picture of Antarctica on the top with. I’m really thinking I will end up using Modge Podge so that the edges of the map will not curl up over time.

Here is a look at the inside of the continent box, it really gives you a look at the amount of space inside the box. As you can see you can fit not only 1, but 2 stacks of 8 1/2 x11 books or papers inside the box.

Here are the other boxes I purchased for some of our other continent boxes
. Pink will be South America, Green will be Africa, and Orange will be North America. I will purchase the rest of the boxes once these ones are finished.


I printed out this Antarctic board game Science Adventures In Antarctica for the kids to play.

Who’s Eating Who? book, I printed this off, laminated the pages, and bound into a book.


This book is an amazing FREE resource with tons of information and real life pictures!

Penguins is a leveled reader I printed off from Reading A-Z, and bound into a book.

This is a wonderful book to be added to our Antarctic unit, it has many real life pictures.

The older kids will be doing the LIMA quest challenge I found on the LIMA website,  it will take them about a month to complete but by the end of the month they should be very familiar with Antarctica and everything about it. This is a great resource for older children studying Antarctica.


These pictures of part of the project, they will look at each of the pictures and try to figure out what it is, there is a clue if they need help. I printed off 2 sets of each and laminated them back to back, the first side has the pictures with the clue, the back side has the picture with the answer as to what is in the picture

This is the back side of the card as you can see below the picture is the answer.

We have Animals of Antarctica from Montessori Print Shop. I will also be putting our Antarctic Toob animals in with the animals of Antarctica cards for the kids to match up the animals to the cards.

These cards have beautiful color pictures and include information about each of the animals the younger boys will explore these using our Arctic & Antarctic Toobz.

I printed off the Antarctica Geography folder from Montessori Print Shop. This book is beautiful real life pictures, that are very interesting!

We have lots of Antarctica books inside the box.

Here are a few of our favorite books about the Arctic and Antarctic regions found on Amazon.

We have some Antarctic Scientist paper dolls for the kids to cut out , color and use.


The Antarctic flag.

Antarctica outline map.

Misc different maps of Antarctica found on the different sites I shared on our Arctic and Antarctica Unit Study Ideas.

On the back of each of the maps is an excerpt with the information about the map. 

I printed off Antarctic stamps. I just googled Antarctic Stamps and printed off that page to use.


We have our Draw Write Now- The Polar Regions, The Arctic, and The Antarctic. The kids will be woking through this book over the next month practicing writing about polar regions, the Arctic, and Antarctic and also learning to draw different Animals that live there like polar bears and penguins. The Draw Write Now series is a great series for kids that our family has come to love.

I  have printed off many pages from this book for the kids to use through out our Antarctic Unit. They have pages about the people, maping, graphs, arts & Crafts, and so much more! This has been a very useful and wonderful book to have available to use.

Some of the products we have used while using our Antarctica continent box.




Looking for more ideas to go with your Antarctic or Arctic studies? I put together a post with lots of great Arctic and Antarctic Unit Study Ideas found around the internet!

Stop over and check out my Antarctica Pinterest Board for more great ideas.

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Antarctic and Arctic Ideas For Kids on Pinterest.

I am linking up with these great linky parties!

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  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog, I’d thought I’d return the favour (TGIF). I love the idea of a continent box. I’m thinking about putting one together for Africa for our summer adventure box. Thanks for the ideas of what to include!

    • You are so welcome! Thank you for returning the favor and stopping over, it is appreciated! Glad our resources were helpful to you! I would love to see your continent study when its finished! Have a wonderful week!!

    • Great, I’m so glad you can use some of our resources! I would love to see the activities you do if you share them! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by it is appreciated! Wishing you an amazing week!!

  2. Thank You!! What a perfect time for my post then! Hope some of the resources can be of use to you during your studies! I would love to see your Antarctica work if you share it! Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

  3. I have recently decided to start making my own continent boxes. I am trying to decide on the best storage box and what all I should include for my preschooler. I love seeing all the stuff you put into your arctic/antarctica box and will be checking back to see what ends up in your other continent boxes.

    I followed your link from the Preschool and Kindergarten Corner linky party.

    • I love the Continent Boxes and my kids really do to! I’m glad you were able to find some useful ideas to do with your preschooler! I would love to see what your finished continent boxes look like when they are done! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    • Deb,
      Thank you for your kind words and also for hosting Montessori Monday every week! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to add my continent box into your post and for pinning it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. […] We have started our Antarctic & Arctic Continent studies. I have quite a few different things that we will be learning while exploring Antarctica and the Arctic region I have put together for our Arctic and Antarctic unit study ideas. Today I’m sharing the different Arctic and Antarctic work pages, arts & crafts, sensory ideas, science experiments, and more that my kids will be working on the next couple weeks. I will be sharing pictures and more ideas of our Antarctica Continent Box later on. […]

    • Shecki,
      I’m so glad it was helpful for you! I am amazed at the wonderful resources they have online, but it takes time to find it all thats for sure!! I was so happy to have found the boxes, they are perfect for continent boxes. Thanks for stopping over and commenting!

    • Erin,
      Thank you. I love finding hands on learning ideas for my kid. It is great to see how they just absorb the materials when we teach them this way. Thanks so much for stopping by. Praying you have a blessed week!!

  5. hi what at great kit……. is there any chance that you have a PDF of the dress up dolls as I can’t find it on the link….. Thanks


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