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Today I will be announcing our curriculum choices for the upcoming year. We have had many experiences with different homeschool curriculums in the past, and for now we have found ones that fit our learning styles at this season in our lives, I’m sure we will be making changes to some of our curriculum as the year goes on, and I will update this post as those changes occur.

One of the amazing resources this year that we have available to us is being part of School House ReviewCrew, as a crew member I review curriculum, during which I have been able to find some wonderful curriculum I doubt I would have found otherwise.

Some of the places I have paid for a membership to, that have been an amazing resource to me, and I will continue using this upcoming year and in the future.
Ed Helper
Enchanted Learning
Montessori Print Shop
Reading A-Z
Schoolhouse Teachers
Zane Education
ABC Twiggles
Kids Soup

Classes Done As A Complete Family:

History: (all kids work together) Mystery of History 2nd half of Volume 1 and 1st half of Volume 2.   We will use the coloring pages for anyone who feels like coloring while I read the lesson, we also use the Timeline Figures to add to our timelines.

Geography: (All kids together) We will be using Road Trip USA and also using Montessori Geography for the year to further explore each country.
Bible: All Kids Together and we also have independent Bible studies before bed for the older kids. We will be working on Man Have I got Problems. I also incorporate bible lessons for the little boys off of what we are currently studying in our History lessons.
Reading: When we used a previous curriculum we found a love for the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series of books, the books we have chosen for the year are as follows
Abraham Lincoln: The New Birth Of Freedom
Rowland Bingham: Into Africa’s Interior
Mary Slessor: Forward Into Calabar
Florence Young: Mission Accomplished
John Williams: Messenger Of Peace
Eric Liddell: Something Greater Than Gold
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Art/Crafts: We will continue on with Montessori Art learning about different artists using Child Sized Masterpieces and also fun crafts and Draw write Now books that go along with out Unit Studies.
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Music: The kids will be learning how to play the recorder this year, we will be using Recorder Fun Teach Yourself The Easy Way and Sweet Pipes Hands-On Recorder Book.

Classes Done Together With Everyone Except Serena:

Science: We are using a mix of Living Books, and Montessori Science, lapbooks, unit studies, lots of hands on learning and lots of nature exploration with weekly nature walks. Below are some of the Science books we will be using this year.

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Foreign Language:  We plan on continuing to learn Sign Language, we will be adding Speekee Spanish into our schedule.
Individual Classes

Gabriel 2 1/2 
Gabe has been picking up letter sounds so I have chosen to add Letter of The Week Curriculum on top of our Montessori Studies. I will have the older kids work on some of the games while I am teaching the other kids. If he is not showing interest in an activity I will just try something else, I do not push him into learning things he does not seem interested in. Right now the main backbone of the teachings for Gabriel are mostly Montessori, and teaching him “how to do it himself”

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Ethan Preschool-4 1/2 
Ethan will continue with ECSE this year for his speech apraxia he will be in school for a half a day from 12:30-3:45. I will be continuing to work with him in the mornings, now that may seem like a long time for a little one to be working for 9am-4pm, but it is how he functions best. Anytime we give him more than a couple hours of free play he has a lot of sensory issues, the kids do get break to go and play outside during the morning and after lunch but it is only for a short time! Also in our morning work session he only has about a total of 1 hour of activities, after that he is free to choose anything from our Montessori shelves, our science shelves or the misc work I have added to the kids hands on work shelf.

K4 Program: I have purchased K4 curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler, it has been an amazing resource for the price!!
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears: Letters and Numbers For Me
Phonics: Get Ready For The Code A/B/C
Reading: Bob Books: Beginning Reading

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Anthony’s Classes for 3rd Grade
Math: Math Made Easy: Multiplication Montessori Math sequence
English: Primary Language Lessons Part 2
Writing: Create better writers, writing about our unit studies, keeping nature journal and science notebook
Spelling: All About Spelling Level 2
Phonics: Explode the Code 5/6
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 3rd Edition Book 4
Handwriting: This will be Anthony’s first year working on cursive, I will teaching Anthony using A Reason For Handwriting. We also will be using Draw-Write-Now series to go along with different units we cover, we keep a science journal, and a nature notebook that are all wonderful writing practice!
Cody’s Classes for 5th Grade
English: Primary Language part 2
Writing: Time 4 Writing: Grammar Rocks, Create better writers, writing about our unit studies, keeping nature journal and science notebook
Handwriting: I will be teaching Cody using A Reason For Handwriting: Cursive D. We also will be using Draw-Write-Now series to go along with different units we cover, we keep a science journal, and a nature notebook that are all wonderful writing practice!
Dustin’s Classes for 7th Grade:
Math: Math Essentials: Geometry, Math 911-Pre Algebra
Writing: Create better writers, writing about our unit studies, keeping nature journal and science notebook
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 3rd Edition Book 6
Phonics: Explode The Code 5/6
Reading: Zane Education, Reading A-Z books, Reading comprehension worksheets from Ed Helper and Enchanted learning about whatever unit study we are currently studying.
Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears Can Do Cursive and Can Do Print, practicing both manuscript and cursive not to learn them but to continue practicing but to practice making legible handwriting so mom can read the answers 🙂
Serena’s Classes for 9th Grade
Math: No Nonsence Algebra
English: King Alfred English (1/2 year) Intermediate Language Lessons Level 2 (1/2 year)
Science: Apologia Biology with DIVE DVD’s
Writing: Create Better Writers, 4 Book reports from books read through the year along, and writing lessons in Intermediate Language Lessons Level 2.
Foreign Language: French/ Rosetta Stone level 1 for Homeschools (purchased at a discount through the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.)
Reading: I am only requiring her to read a couple different books, anyone who know Serena knows she is a very avid reader and will finish a 600 page book in 2 days, so she will just continue that.
Serena has finished her first month of high school… For years we have had debates about wither we would continue homeschooling the kids when they got to High School, but God has let everything fall into place beautifully and we will be homeschooling Serena through High School. I have done lots of research as to what subjects and things she will need to be able to still get the opportunity to go to college, but thats for another post!  She has really been enjoying her classes and is quite happy with her classes so far.

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