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The weather has finally started to warm up well at least on some days, which means we have started spending lots of time outside lately!! So here is a spring photo dump of our outdoor happenings lately.

We choose not to fill the sandbox area under our swing set, because of the fact our cats would love their own premium litter box outside. I was able to find a cover for it so we decided to fill the sandbox, it was a great decision the sand is a wonderful sensory input for Ethan and he will play in it for many hours.CAM00175 CAM00177 CAM00180 CAM00183

Serena has finally been able to go out and practice driving a couple times now. She will be taking drivers training soon. Where does the time go?

CAM00184 CAM00185

Spring cleaning has officially taken place this year, and this was just the start of dumping things that really needed to go in the end we filled the dumpster to the top with stuff. We had parents store stuff in our shed, garages, and basement, there were a bunch of bigger things that were broken and needed to just be thrown away, and lots of deep cleaning that needed to be done. We were able to get through the chicken coop, both of our garages, the laundry room, storage areas, school room, playroom, back porch (aka everyone’s favorite dump area ;-), ) dining room, living room, Ethan and Gabe’s bedroom, Jake’s and my bedroom, and front entryway closet (aka known as dump area #2.) I am grateful that everyone worked together and we were able to get a ton of things accomplished during our 2 weeks of spring break.


Anthony had to go and see the doctors in Ann Arbor which is 2 1/2 hours away, Ethan always comes with us for our far away doctor trips because he can be a really big handful for Serena for the entire day. While we were at the children’s hospital waiting room, waiting for x-rays, they had a giant maze that worked off of gears, the balls would move through the maze over and over it was really a very interesting thing for the boys to sit and watch while we were waiting.CAM00198

Jake brought both of the little boys to the hardware store to pick up some toilet parts from the toilet he was working on. These are the pictures he sent me while they were there. I have labeled them “the dangers of dads bringing the kids to the hardware store” 😉IMG_0196 IMG_0197

With spring comes lots of rain, and what fun would spring be without running in the rain and playing in mud puddles. P1120634 P1120638 P1120641

As soon as the weather started warming up we have spent more time enjoying the farm when we stop to get our meat and milk. The yellow thing on the ground is a big drain for the farm, all the snow was melting into it and thats just a perfect spot for Ethan to splash in and eventually just jump right in 🙂


Spring time also means getting to see all the new baby calves. This was one of the first of the year, Gabe wanted a picture with her!


The boys favorite spot at the farm, the giant sand pile!! They could spend hours here and Bella (the dog) is happy watching them.CAM00193

A couple weeks ago when we actually had a very nice day we brought the kids out to the local nature trails, one that we regularly use. These are trails right down the road from us and are some great nature trails to bring the kids on with many animals, streams, ponds, and more. This was our first trip out to any trails this year after our freezing, snowy winter and everyone was so happy to be able to start getting out of the house without having to put on multiple layers, finally!!

Ethan had just received a net and bug catcher container for his birthday, so of course he had to bring them with him!


Because it was such a warm day, we were able to spot some painted turtles sun bathing on logs in the big pond. P1120597

Ducks were enjoying the warm weather as well!


There were even some new plants coming back to life. It warms my heart to see all the new plant and animal life, 6 months of a nasty winter will sure make you appreciate the new warmer season!!


P1120564 P1120568 P1120572

The boys enjoyed looking for fish in the pond and streams along the trails, because the spring bloom hasn’t started yet they were able to see straight to the bottom. They didn’t manage to catch anything, but they were prepared with their nets just in case.P1120574 P1120576 P1120580 P1120581 P1120584 P1120585 P1120587 P1120588 P1120592 P1120593 P1120594


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