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First Summer Camp Experience: Day Camp vs. Overnight Camp

When it’s finally summertime, kids are ready to kick back and have some fun. A great option to keep children active and entertained during the summer months is a summer camp program. They can learn new skills (French, cello, volleyball), enjoy the outdoors and best of all, make new friends. If you are considering sending your little one to camp for the first time, you may be deciding whether day camp or overnight camp is the better choice. Read on to find out which type of camp is the right fit for your child.


Day Camp


  • It’s less expensive than overnight camp. If you are trying to save money this summer, a day camp is a budget-friendly option compared to an overnight or “sleepaway” camp experience. Sleepaway camps have lodging and food costs, which can add up when you consider a camp program that spans several weeks.


  • It doesn’t require your child to stay overnight. If your child has a difficult time being away from home – like sleeping over at a grandparent’s house – a day camp can be a good alternative. You can pick them up at the end of camp each day, which your child may find reassuring. Just make sure to protect yourself and your child with automobile insurance for the daily commute. You can look online for insurance quotes to find an affordable option that meets your needs.


  • It’s a test of being away from home. One perk of day camp is that your child will be able to experience being away from home for substantial periods of time –without actually being “away” for the summer. This is a good opportunity to test the waters and see if kids are ready for an overnight stay. And since day camps vary in length, you can always sign your child up for sleepaway camp later in the summer if they are ready.


Overnight Camp


  • It allows children to take a technology hiatus. At an overnight camp program, your little one may be living without cellphones, video games or television for several weeks. This break from technology – and time spent with nature – can help children appreciate and enjoy the outdoors sans cellphones.


  • It can encourage independence. One of the benefits of overnight camp is your child will learn to do things on their own, without parental help. Children may be responsible for certain chores, such as making their bed or helping their roommates clean the cabin. These small responsibilities can help your child gain independence as well as appreciate the little things you do for them at home.


  • It can help improve social skills. With an overnight experience, kids will be around people twenty-four hours a day, and they will likely share a cabin with other campers.This can help them sharpen their people skills and practice living with others. And the extended time spent living in a dorm-style cabin can help teach them the importance of cooperating and sharing.


Camp can be an ideal way for your child to meet new people and stay busy during summer. Whether you decide to send your child to day camp or overnight camp, any camp experience can allow them to meet new people, try new things and most of all, have fun.


Author Bio: Christina Miller loves to write, especially about business. She holds a B.A. in Marketing. Christina’s favorite things include traveling, reading and exploring new restaurants in Cleveland.


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Thank you for sharing!!


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