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As I Mentioned earlier in our 80+ Dinosaur resources post our theme for the month in our Mother Goose Time curriculum is Dinosaurs. Both of the boys have LOVED this unit and have been having lots of fun.

Here is a look at the last 2 weeks of learning using Mother Goose Time Curriculum.


Gabe practicing writing his name.


Gabe loves looking for specific things on our monthly picture with the magnifying glass.
P1150734 P1150735

One really fun aspect of the Dinosaur unit was that they were given Paleontologist journals to fill in. Both of the boys really enjoyed pretending they were paleontologist’s!

P1150738 P1150739 P1150740

We took dinosaur “eggs” and “bones” and the boys hid them around the living room. You can tell by the smiles that this was a very loved activity!
P1150743 P1150746

1 of them would hold the bowl and direct them if they couldn’t find any eggs/bones the other one looked for the eggs/bones.P1150747 P1150750 P1150751

Both of the boys had fun gently moving the sand to find dinosaur fossils.

When they were finished finding all of their “dinosaur fossils” They carefully put the bones together to make a dinosaur.

P1150763 P1150771

Each month in Mother Goose Time Curriculum the kids get their own little journal to fill in through out the month. For now when we do the inside pages that involve the kids coming up with a sentence Ethan will come up with his own sentence to go along with his picture, I will write it on the whiteboard for him, and then he will copy it into his journal. Gabe will dictate a sentence he came up with about his picture to me and I will write the sentence in his book.

P1150773 dinosaur




The boys loved playing in a dinosaur sensory bin using baking soda and colored water “mud”.P1150776

Matching last months manipulative links. We decided to get out our play dough and have them both copy it into the play dough so they could both do it.

P1150817 P1150819 P1150820 P1150821



We really enjoy the games that go along with the monthly themes. The kids will play them multiple times through out the month with parents or older siblings.

P1150845 P1150848 dinosaur

Making a T-Rex hat was a very loved activity during the 2 week period. Both boys worked very hard to make them. Ethan used glue to make his and Gabe has been on a mission to perfect how to use the tape dispenser so that is what he used.












For brontosaurus day the kids made brontosaurus puppets and trees.

P1150867P1150869 P1150872 dinosaur

Gabe cut out extra leaves and hid them all over the living room multiple times and had his brontosaurus sniff around for the leaves. It amazes me the creative ideas kids come up with!P1150877

Stegosaurus domino math. The kids drew a domino and then added that amount of spikes on the stegosaurus, drew another domino and took that many off. We did it a few different ways to make sure all of the spikes got added.

P1150880 P1150883 P1150886 P1150895

After Ethan was done taping all the spikes onto his stegosaurus he added it to the back side of his T-Rex hat. Him and Gabe have had a wonderful time playing dinosaurs with their hats this week.


Gabe taped the spikes on his stegosaurus and put them on a stick so he had a couple different dinosaur puppets to play with.P1150900

Triceratops masks were fun to make. Ethan decided he could then become 3 different dinosaurs. As you can see he has his triceratops mask on, but he also had his T-Rex/stegosaurus hat on.

P1150902 P1150903

The boys making dino eggs. I took pictures of them decorating their dinosaur eggs, but we didn’t end up putting them together to make shakers out of because my stapler is currently broken.

P1150910 P1150912

Ethan decided to make a very long pattern with our dinosaur pattern cards.

P1150914 P1150915 P1150916

Gabe decided to make his own patterns as well, but not quite as long as Ethan’s.

P1150917 P1150920




Educational Books About Dinosaurs We Are Reading



Christian Dinosaur Books for Kids We are Reading

There are many different dinosaur books out there for kids, finding books that are from a Christian perspective is even harder. The following are books that are taught from the Christian perspective and are a great resource for adding to your library.



Our Favorite Dinosaur Picture Books




Do you know of some other great dinosaur resources? Leave a comment letting me know. 

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