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A few weekends ago me and my very good friend Momma of 4 Cutiez had a Disney Side party together. She was chosen to host the Disney Villains and I was chosen to host a Disney Cars party, so we decided to combine the 2 parties into 1 big party. It was a great party with 10 kids and everyone had a wonderful time!

Disney Side Party

For dinner we had a pasta bar and everyone had a choice of spaghetti or alfredo, with that we did garlic bread and salad.Each of the kids made sure to eat so that they could pick one of the many delicious cupcakes that were made for the party and have a goodie bag with treats. The cupcakes we made the cupcake mix was provided in our party pack, we made our own homemade frosting and it was very delicious.

Disney SideP1160198


The provided cake mix made some wonderfully colorful cupcakes.

Disney Side P1160226

Each of the kids received a goody box that contained some treats to eat during the party.Disney Side

The kids loved playing with the provided coodie catchers. Of course they were Disney themed.P1160189

Some of the kids at the dinner table, teenagers are great for giving the camera looks  😉 ! We had quite the full house, but everyone had a wonderful time!

Disney Side P1160200


A great Disney twist on Pin the tale on the donkey game, Pin the smile on Mickey. The kids really enjoyed this game and played it many times.P1160205 Disney Side P1160214

Some of the kids enjoyed playing Disney memory with the provided memory cards.


The villain party pack had a fun kit to make your own bracelets with. The kids really enjoyed making their own personalized bracelets!P1160224

Disclaimer: We were provided with a Disney Side package to host our Show your Disney Side party provided by Mom Select and Disney. We were not required to write a positive review, nor compensated in any other way. Please read my full disclosure for more information.


Thank you for sharing!!



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