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This past weekend we had the honor of being able to attend the Disney On Ice Show at the Van Andel Arena, not only was that a blessing for us to attend this event, but we got to sit very close to all the action, we were given floor seats 4-5 rows from the front of the show!!! WOW, the kids and us parents were amazed at the seats and the show itself, it was truly an amazing evening.

None of us have ever been to a Disney On Ice show, so this was a first for all of us, and there was no disappointment for anyone in the family! Because it was the show where they were celebrating 100 years of magic just about every Disney character you could think of was there! They each did their own performance and also had an end performance where all the characters came out and skated together! The performances by the characters were just amazing, the performers did twists in the air, spins, twirls, and so much more.

One thing we have had some problems with when bringing the kids to some of the performances is that near the end the younger kids tend to get ansy and struggle sitting still. This was one performance we did not have to worry about that at all, the little boys were very interested in the show the entire time!

Because of our great seats we were able to get this picture of the kids in front of the stage before the show started.

Ethan picked out his own set of binoculars and enjoyed watching the show with them for a while!

Gabe picked out his own Woody doll.

This is the stage before the performance started!

The program started with Chip & Dale along with Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse introduced the Incredibles!

The Incredibles!

The Genie from Aladdin came out and there ended up being LOTS of genies!!

Beauty and The Beast and the adorable candle, clock, teacups, and more!

Even Stitch came out a few times during the show.

It’s A Small World came on with dancers from all around the world!

Toy Story Characters including ~ Jesse, Woody, & Buzz

They even had the army guys out for a performance!

The Lion King Including ~ Timon & Pumbaa.

Nala & Simba

Even Rafiki!

Pinocchio & Geppetto
They had Pinochio’s Fairy God Mother come down from the ceiling!!

Jiminy Cricket.
Honest John, Gideon, and Pinocchio.
Mulan.They had a big dragon come out!Mickey and the Band
And of course there were the Disney Princesses…
Snow WhiteBelleArielJasmineAfter they all came out and did their individual dance they had all the princesses and princes do a dance together!At the end of the show all the preformers came out for one last act together!There were even fireworks coming out of the castle at the end of the show, it was amazing!!On top of the wonderful performance at the end of the show the actors went around and the kids were able to shake hands with the kids it was great!
Here are the scrapbook pages I made of our Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years Of Magic outing!

Disclaimer: My family was provided with tickets to the Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years tickets for sharing the show and hosting a giveaway. We were not provided with any cash compensation or expected to write a positive review. For more information please read my disclaimer.

Thank you for sharing!!



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