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Easy DIY Light Table

Thank you for sharing!!

With all the fun ideas I have seen around Pinterest (my new addiction) using a DIY light table, I really wanted one for our class, but just wasn’t willing to pay the money they charge for actual light tables! Eventually I will have Jake make me one, but for now I decided to improvise and use an extra tote we had laying around the house to make our new DIY light table.
Whats Needed To Make Your Own Light Table?
1- clear storage tote
2- strands of white christmas lights
Fun things to play with on the light table
I put the Christmas lights in the storage bin, flipped the bin over (we used the bottom side of the tote for play since that side had a large flat area), lastly we plugged them in and played! We have 2 different choices this week for the light table both of them were purchased from Discount School Supply, you can find a link to their site on the right side bar!  1. Giant iradescent beads
  2. Tiny little iradescent mosiac pieces.
I have a ton of light table ideas on my Pinterest board for light table, lots of them are simple DIY ideas, stop by and check some of them out!

Thank you for sharing!!


    • Nicole,
      I must agree, they are so expensive which is why I decided to use this alternative! The lid is still able to close because the stand of lights cord is very small. The size is 21″x18″x6″ a 41 quart, it has a clear lid, but a white one would work to since you flip it over anyway! Hope this helps, if you do make one I would love for you to share the link for others to be able to see. Have a blessed week!


  1. this is on my list of things to make and i just haven’t gotten around to it! it looks like sooo much fun! thanks so much for linking up! i hope to see you again this tuesday!
    also, i’m a new follower!
    andie @ crayonfreckles


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