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How To Make A DIY Felt Board

This project  has been on the to do list for a while! I really wanted a big DIY felt board for the kids but was not willing to pay for one, so I started looking through all the wonderful blogs out there and found some great inspiration! Here are few sites I found some great ideas from, Mama Jenn and Tired Need Sleep.
 I had Jake cut a 32×32 piece from wood we had around, I used a very thin piece of wood so it could be easily moved by the kids. My piece of felt was 36×36 which left 4 inches of overlap.
 A picture of the cut board.
I laid the felt out and laid the board on top of that. Next I cut pieces of velcro, 3 for each side is what I did, I put one of the velcro sides on the board and the other on the felt.  I hot glued the velcro on, even though it was sticky backed, because I figured it would hold up better!  Lastly after the glue has dried, fold over the felt and attach all the velcro pieces. My reason for choosing velcro was because I wanted to be able to remove the felt and wash it if I needed to, with so many little ones using it, I can imagine it will get dirty!!
Truth be told I wish I would have cut the pieces of velcro in half and had 6 instead of 3 along each edge, you can see how it sticks up, but they were already glued down, and you don’t notice much when you put it up…
5 Little Speckled Frogs felt set (1 of our circle time songs)
How To Make Your own DIY Felt board
Cody trying out the ocean felt set…

Thank you for sharing!!



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