DIY Felt Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

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What child doesn’t love all things related to sea creatures? They are fun, unique and have an aura of mystique that tends to make children drawn to them even more. With this fun DIY Felt Sea Creatures Craft For Kids, your child can create their own sea creature to call their very own!

The beauty of this craft is that it allows your children to create their sea creature on their own. The drawings and measurements don’t have to be exact and offer a bit of forgiveness if little errors are made. This craft does a great job at allowing your children to be completely hands-on from start to finish.

Have fun being with them as they create their very own sea creature. You may find this craft so fun and adorable that you just can’t stand to sit by on the sidelines watching. Don’t hesitate on trying to make your own sea creature puppet! Any time that you can spend with your child creating amazing crafts and memories is time that is absolutely well spent!

Take time to do this DIY Felt Sea Creatures Craft for kids with your child. You’ll be so happy that you did!

How To Make A DIY Felt Sea Creatures Craft For Kids


Supplies needed:

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

  • assorted sheets of craft felt
  • googly eyes
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • wood craft sticks


1. Begin by deciding which sea creatures you would like to craft. For ours we did a starfish, jellyfish, and whale. You can stick with these ideas or choose your own, but we found that these shapes were the easiest to cut out.

2. Begin cutting out the shapes of your sea creatures. For the starfish, we freehanded a simple star shape with rounded edges. When we did the jellyfish, we cut out a bubble shape as well as some strips of felt for tentacles. And, fo the whale, we cut out a rounded body with the split tail.

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

3. For your shapes, you can use a pencil to sketch the design and then cut. Or if you are comfortable with it, you can just freehand.
4. Cut out the shapes and prepare to add the googly eyes. Add a dab of glue to the googly eyes and press them to the shapes to create the face.

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

5. For the jellyfish, you will need to use the craft glue to attach the tentacles to the body. Allow all glue to dry.

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

6. Complete the puppets by adding some glue to the back of the sea creature shapes. Press them to the wood craft sticks until dry.

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

Your sea creature puppets can now be enjoyed.

Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

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