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With the Forth of July yesterday in the United States, I looked for fun, unique, and inexpensive 4th of July Kids Activities for the kids to enjoy the holiday!
Our first project was DIY T-Shirts decorated in red, white, and blue I got an email from Discount School Supply and it included this project idea, I thought it would be a great way to for Ethan to still be able to watch the fire works but drowned out the sound of them with his own Fire Works (it worked wonders and he was able to sit through the whole show) it was also something fun to make with the other kiddos as well!
What you need to make your own Fire Cracker Bottles:
20oz pop bottles or an empty water bottles
Red white and blue star, and circle beads
Red white, blue, silver rick rack
Red and blue gems
Red, white, and blue ribbon

Forth Of July themed/colored garlandHere is our tray of items the kids had to choose from.

Cut a piece of garland about 12″ and slide it into the bottle, Gabe needed some help to get it started but the other kids were able to get it done on their own.
Next add some the decorations into the water bottle. Trying to fit those beads, and marbles into the bottle was such good fine motor practice!
 When they have the bottles as full as they want them and then screw the cap on real tight, if your worried about them unscrewing the cap (which has already happened to us once and we had a big mess all over the living room) put some hot glue around the cap before screwing it on, make sure to screw the cap on real fast as the hot glue will dry quick!
Serena even wanted to make one.
If you don’t like loud toys/sounds I wouldn’t suggest this project, because the “fire crackers” are loud, especially when you get 4 kids shaking them all together and parading through the house 🙂
Here is a close up of the inside of 2 different bottles.
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Thank you for sharing!!



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