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Happy Forth Of July (a day late)!!!  I hope you had a safe a wonderful holiday! We spent the afternoon over to my aunt and uncle/dads house. The kids swam and had a cook out, then we came back home and let off our own fireworks, which the kids enjoyed, well they enjoyed them after dealing with neighbors that thought it would be funny to aim and shoot fireworks at my hose, kids, and other people, and then get very hostile when asked nicely to please stop!
I am always looking for ways to let the kids celebrate  the holidays, but with 6 kids it sure can be expensive! I ended up doing 3 different projects with them to celebrate Independence Day. I ended up  using things we had around the house, so it cost me nothing, bonus!! Today I am sharing our DIY 4th Of July T-Shirts
DIY 4th Of July T-Shirts
We purchased packages of white t-shirts when we went to the art festival and had some left over, so I thought it would be fun for the kids to make DIY 4th of July t-shirts using those.
What You Needed:
Any color t-shirt to decorate (we choose white)
Reds, blues, and White acrylic paint
Star shaped sponges, cookie cutters, any other star shaped objects
paint brushes
Fabric markers/pens
I laid out stencils for Gabe and had him paint the stars. He mixed the colors together so much he ended up with purple stars. But it was a great way to show him what red and blue mixed together make 🙂
Cody worked hard to make an American flag on his shirt, and even added all 50 stars. After he was done he announced to me that he now knows why American flags have to be so big, because otherwise they couldn’t fit all 50 stars hehe 🙂

Serena decided she was going to remind everyone why we celebrate the Forth Of July on the back of her shirt and just do writings.
And then she decorated the front of her shirt.
Anthony made a flag on his as well, but decided not to add all 50 stars.
Ethan decided he was not going to make stars or a flag or any type of decoration other than just painting red and blue spots.
He did end up writing his name and tracing a star using our stencils and fabric markers.
All of the kids had a great time making their DIY 4th of July T-Shirts and I’m sure will be wearing them as long as they can!!
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Thank you for sharing!!



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