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How to make your own DIY Large Montessori Number Cards

DIY Large Montessori Number cards were one of the Montessori Materials I decided I was going to save the money in and make myself especially once I found out you need more 2 sets of large number cards and 3 sets of small number cards. We purchased a sheet of 1/4″ Balsa Wood from the local hardware store, which is what we used for most of our diy montessori projects.
Jake cut the board in half so it was easier to work with, and then cut one of the halves into 2 1/2′ strips
The thousands were cut 8′ long (18 for 2 sets of number cards)
 Hundreds 6′ long (18 for 2 sets of number cards)
Tens 4′ long (18 for 2 sets of number cards)
the units 2′ long (18 for 2 sets of number cards)
Here they are all stacked on each other
Me and the boys worked on sanding each of the cut number cards, making sure that each number card was all smoothed out which was a time consuming job, and I was glad I had helpers. I used stencils to trace each of the numbers onto the cards making Units 1-9 Green, tens 10-90 blue, hundreds 100-900  red, and thousands 1000-9000 green. Dustin used his wood burning kit and wood burned the hundreds cards.
After all the number cards were sanded and the numbers stenciled on,  Serena spray painted a non toxic clear coat on them. We let them dry for a few days, making sure to leave them all seperated so they wouldn’t stick together.
Here they are completed!
They get used regularly for math. I will be making a set of small number cards as well soon.
For now this is how they are stored on the shelf.
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