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Next week I am taking part in the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Hop. There will be 90 bloggers that are participating in the blog hop, are each choosing a topic to write about for the 5 days of the blog hop. I have chosen the topic Sensory Processing Disorder because it is a topic that I have learned so much about over the last 5 years, something we have come so far on, and something I have not shared much about on the blog.

I am hoping that this series will bless anyone who is embarking on a scary path of a new Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis or someone who thinks their children might have it I pray it gives them guidance, and helps them figure out what they need to do to help their child.

I was originally going to share a post with all 3 of my boys with SPD and their symptoms on the first day of the blog hop, but after I realized how long the post ended up being in the end, I decided to split it up into 3 separate posts 1 for each of the boys and to share them before the blog hop .

Each of the boys symptoms are different when you look at the big picture, Dustin and Ethan have very similar personalities in certain areas life like being on the go constantly, and having no fear of any situation… even when they should :0 but they look nothing like each other in other areas. Cody is very different from both Dustin and Ethan calm, relaxed, kept to himself, and very quiet.

Now before I go any further I have to say after raising 5 boys are just more active in general they love to climb, jump, and love taking things mom doesn’t want taken apart to try to fix them. After having a girl first I was blown away at how active my first son was compared to a girl and learned real quick to give him the physical activity he needed every day.

In todays society I feel parents rely to much on technology and instead of using them occasionally for entertainment they have turned into babysitters for parents children are spending way to much time inside sitting at a computer, I-Phone, or tablet. More parents need to let their children get their energy out (especially boys), explore the world around them and use their imaginations to play with toys, and even things they find around the yard.


Dustin ~ 14 ~

Because the fact that Dustin was only my second child and I still had so much to learn as a parent, and also the fact that Dustin was born at a time when the internet was just becoming popular I always assumed that he was just a VERY colicy baby. I also thought it may have been the fact that he wasn’t able to be touched for the first week of his life due to his punctured lungs, blood infection, and pneumonia he was born with. After we started looking into Sensory Processing Disorder I realized all the symptoms that were right in front of our faces for many years but we just never had answers.
Dustin has been diagnosed through a neurophycologist with ADHD, Anxiety, emotional regulation disorder, age regression, highly gifted visual learner and SPD. In the beginning of his treatment stage we tried quite a few different medicines for his ADHD to help him concentrate, the meds helped him to concentrate a little better but each came with their own set of horrible side affects, ones that became to much to over look (changing his personality, not able to fall asleep at night, or killing his appetite.) I was very skeptical taking him off of the meds and doubted weither or not I would go crazy without him taking them.

Now, I am proud to say we have had him off of the ADHD meds for about 5 years now I would never say it has been an easy road all the time and that I don’t have a few extra grey hairs from the journey, but I am glad we made the choice.. We still have to work with him on a DAILY basis to keep him on task and gently remind him many times some days to get his responsibilities and chores done, some days I feel like a broken record and may even want to rip my hair out lol, but we are both happier now that he is not on his meds and he is the person God wanted him to be.

What we do for Dustin instead of medicine is have his brain stay busy, get lots of exercise, and have him follow a schedule that is checked by mom EVERY day in order to stay on task in school and the results are better then any medicine we have ever tried. We also started adding in a sensory diet every day for him and that has made the journey even better!


What Sensory Processing Disorder looks life for Dustin

  • In constant motion, just cant ever seem to sit still.
  • He has a very hard time staying on task. One person talking to him while on the task of doing something else will make him completely forget everything he was supposed to be doing, and will need to be reminded multiple times to do most tasks.
  • Likes to chew on things. Pen/pencil tops, bites finger nails etc.
  • Often regresses to a younger age and needs to be dealt with by using constant consequences to get him to stop certain behaviors.
  • Needs to constantly be making noises, mowing the lawn making pretend lawn mower sounds, running through the house making car sounds, etc..
  • Needs lots of extra praise to do his jobs the way he knows they need to be done.
  • Craves touch and needs to touch everything.
  • Is not bothered by injuries like cuts or bruises.
  • Thoroughly enjoys and seeks out messy play.
  • Craves vibrating or strong sensory input.
  • Has a preference and craving for excessively spicy, sweet, sour, or salty foods.
  • Very afraid of the dark.
  • Craves fast, spinning, and/or intense movement experiences.
  • Could spin for hours and never appear to be dizzy.
  • Loves the fast, intense, and/or scary rides at amusement parks.
  • Always jumping on furniture, trampolines, spinning in a swivel chair, or getting into upside down positions.
  • Loves to swing as high as possible and for long periods of time.
  •  He is a “thrill-seeker”; dangerous at times.
  • Always running, jumping, hopping etc. instead of walking.
  • Likes sudden or quick movements, such as, going over a big bump in the car or on a bike.
  • Seeks out jumping, bumping, and crashing activities.
  • Bothered/distracted by background environmental sounds; i.e., lawn mowing or outside construction.
  • Has difficulty keeping eyes focused on task/activity he/she is working on for an appropriate amount of time.
  • Easily distracted by other visual stimuli in the room; i.e., movement, decorations, toys, windows, doorways etc.
  • Variable and quickly changing moods; prone to outbursts and tantrums.
  • Gets easily frustrated.
  • Often impulsive.

These are most of the symptoms that Dustin struggles with regularly, there are other symptoms we have been able to work through and they are no longer a problem. There are also symptoms that don’t interfere with our daily life enough to really count them to much!


Next week I will be sharing for 5 days as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Hop about different topics on SPD be sure to follow along so you won’t miss any of those posts. The first post will be on August 5th, and the crew will have 90 bloggers sharing about different topics you won’t want to miss it.


Stop over tomorrow and I will be sharing Cody’s SPD journey which is very different from Dustin’s.

Stop over on Wednesday I will be sharing Ethan’s SPD journey he is my kiddo that opened our eyes to SPD, and has the most struggles with sensory issues of all our children.


My Kids Sensory Ideas board has lots of great ideas for keeping your SPD kiddos busy and give them their daily “sensory diet.”

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  1. That sounds like my son to a tee. Many of the symptoms mentioned sound like Adhd can you touch on the differences? thanks


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