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This year we have partnered with Sonlight curriculum to share our journey. We’re using their level 3 complete curriculum with both Ethan and Gabe. We are about 2 weeks into our year with the program, and it is going great so far. I have always loved teaching our children using great literature, and that is just what Sonlight believes too!

Sonlight with Multiple Children

I have used Sonlight in the past with Ethan during Kindergarten. We loved the program,  but at that time I never realized how simple it was to use Sonlight with multiple children. Purchasing individual grade levels for each of our 6 children was out of our yearly homeschool budget and teaching 6 different grades was just too overwhelming. Simple solution, combine children.

Teaching Multiple Children Using Sonlight 3

Today I am going to share with you how we are managing having kids in 2 different grade levels, both doing the same all subject package. As long as the children are within 3 years of each other it is simple to have them work together on the same “couch subjects“. The would then do their “table subjects” separately.

This upcoming year has already started for us since we homeschool our kids year round. It gives us the flexibility to take off of school when we need or want to while still getting a full school year in. This year Ethan is in 4th grade and Gabe is in 2nd grade. I decided to choose the grade level in between both of their grades for them both to work on. So, they are working on the 3rd-grade all subjects package together.

Sonlight with Multiple Children

How We Are Using Sonlight With Multiple Children

Multiple Children Using Sonlight 1

We are using the 3rd-grade All Subject package with history D and Science E with both of the boys. They are both working on all the of the same subjects except math. Normally some of the classes they would do together would be different.

Since Ethan is behind in multiple subjects due to his disability, and Gabe is ahead in multiple classes it works perfectly for them.  The only reason we choose a higher level science program for them is that we worked on Science D last year.

When we went through and purchased our All Subject Package I was amazed as to how many choices that they offer. Don’t care for one of the programs for subjects, they offer another choice. You have many options to choose from to tailor your curriculum package to your liking.

Not only that, but they offer a money back guarantee when you purchase an all subjects or history/bible/literature package. So if you try the program and decide it isn’t for you, you can return it with no questions asked. Although, I’m sure you will love the program just as much as we do!

Sonlight with Multiple Children

How To Order Sonlight With Multiple Children

Sonlight makes it quite simple to make your multilevel purchase without any issues. They walk you through step by step on how to complete the process on the website. You can also use the Smooth Course which is a simple way to walk you through it. They also always have representatives standing by to help you with anything or to answer any questions you have.

Simple steps for choosing what programs to choose for using Sonlight with multiple children.

  • Choose your history/bible/literature level that all the kids will work on together. They suggest kids within a 3-year range working together. It depends on the children and the level as to how I would split them up.
  • Place each child in their own math level. While Ethan and Gabe will be working together in all the rest of classes, they are at different levels in math. We have been using Math-U-See for many years and really LOVE their program. So we were very happy to see that Sonlight suggests using that program. Head over and have your child take a placement test if you need to know where to place them.
  • Choose a language arts program that would fit each of the children.


That’s it. It is really that simple! Have more questions? Head over to the contact us area and click on the chat tab, from there you can talk with a Sonlight representative to help you with your questions.

Sonlight With Multiple Children


Stop over and visit the Sonlight Pinterest Board homeschool help-Sonlight for other great homeschool tips and ideas for using Sonlight with multiple children!

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Disclaimer: We were provided with the Sonlight curriculum and in exchange, we are sharing our experience with the program. We were not required to write a positive review, nor were we compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of myself or my children.



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