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Easy DIY Halloween T Shirts

While I was at the local crafts store, I noticed they had their t-shirts on sale for really cheap and their Halloween Iron Ons were on clearance for 75% off. So I decided to pick some up a bright orange shirt for each of the kids and let them decorate their own Halloween T-Shirt.

Materials Needed:
Puffy Paint for fabric
Fabric Markers
Stensels, or cookie cutters
Iron On T-Shirt Decals
Any Color T-Shirt
Step 1: Paint your t-shirts using puffy paint for fabric, or fabric markers. We used both, I didn’t have any Halloween stencils so we just used Halloween cookie cutters for the kids to trace Halloween designs onto their shirts. The kids had so much fun doing this, it’s amazing to see how they each have their own unique way to decorate their shirts. They spent quite a long time working on them!

Step 2: Iron on the Halloween Iron On Transfers.

Don’t mind my laundry in the background 🙂

And you have easy festive DIY Halloween t-shirts!

The kids were very excited to show off their shirts!
These were very fun shirts to make, and after making them and most of the kids wearing them to the Harvest Festival I decided I am going to make shirts some more of these shirts for the kids to wear when we go out on field trips, it was so easy to spot them 🙂

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