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One of the things that has been on my “to do” list for quite some time was to finish making our Montessori Number Rods. I had decided that the number rods would be one of the easier materials to make ourselves and could be made for a considerable amount less then they sell them for on Montessori Online stores. This past weekend I finally had Jake finish cutting the wood so we could get them finished and start the Montessori Math Sequence with Gabriel!

I looked around the internet for tutorials so I could get some ideas for measurements. I found that I didn’t have to go very far, Deb at Living Montessori Now had put together a Montessori Monday post DIY Number Rods and Alternatives, that had all the resources I needed in one place! Not only was there a list of differenent DIY Number Rods, but she even lists other items around the house you can use in place of number rods like red an blue Lego Bricks! Stop over and check her post out if your looking for other ideas on making your own number rods.

The tutorial I ended up using the information from was A Handmade Child hood, it listed the measurements I would need to make my own Number Rods and was the most helpful.


Materials Needed:

  • 550cm total of 1×1 boards
  • blue paint (I used spray paint)
  • red paint (I used spray paint)
  • painters tape
  • newspaper/cardboard to set your rods on while you paint the.

I had Jake cut our rods using his saw, the measurements of each of the Number Rods was:
1-100cm. Long
1-90cm. Long
1-80cm. Long
1-70cm. Long
1-60cm. Long
1-50cm. Long
1-40cm. Long
1-30cm. Long
1-20cm. Long
1-10cm. Long

I used my painters tape and my 10 cm rod to help me tape the spots where the blue stripes would go. Then spray painted them red.

Next after the red paint was dry, I removed all the painters tape off and this is what I had.

I taped the red stripes with my painters tape.

Then Spray painted the blue onto the rods.

And removed the painters tape for some EASY beautiful DIY Number Rods!

Of course that was one of the first things the boys wanted to do Monday morning was learn how to use them, so I did a couple presentations with Ethan.

I have been working on presentations with Gabe as well, he is very interested in them and we have been stuck on 1 & 2 presentations for a few days now, I’m sure he will get it soon enough and be ready for 3 & 4!

For other great Montessori Ideas stop over and visit my Montessori Pinterest Board.

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