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I put together a Rainbow Sensory Bin for the kids to explore for St. Patrick’s Day, I took some of each of the colors out before making the bin so that we could use it for some rainbow art fun! Our first project was Ethan’s shamrock that he does every March to put up on his locker at school. I give him a few different ideas and he chooses what he wants to do, this year he choose rainbow rice. This is a very simple art project idea that children of any age can do!

We dyed a bunch of rice rainbow colors for our new rainbow sensory bin, I took some of each color out for some art projects and have them in separate bowls for him to use.

I had him use cotton swabs to spread the glue onto his shamrock, gave him the bowls of rice and let him make it however he wanted.

Here is his finished shamrock, and what part of the table looked like when he was finished 🙂 He also got some on the floor and chair, which he helped pick up using the vacuum.

Tomorrow the kids will be making rainbows using the rest of the rice!
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