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After seeing this sun catcher kid craft idea online a few times I thought it would be a perfect Mother’s Day Idea for some of the wonderful mothers in our family this year. They are pretty easy to make and look amazing when hung in the window.

I am however, glad I did a little research into this craft ideas before we did it. After research I found out it is NOT a good idea to do them in the oven like some of the tutorials tell you to. It is better to put them on the grill due to the toxic fumes the plastic beads let off when they are melting.

I also found out from experience that it is not a good idea to use any type of silicone trays even if they can withstand higher heat. I stopped up to the thrift store and found a couple metal tins that worked great as well as a couple old ones we had that worked wonderful. We used an old muffin tin for smaller ones and using metal cookie cutters to shape some as well.


Materials Needed To Make Sun Catcher Kid Craft


First, here is a look at the beads we used, they are just regular pony beads. We used some glitter ones and some plain colored ones.Bead Sun catcher-18 Bead Sun catcher-19

First off, arrange your beads into the design you want. This can take some time if you want to make an intricate design. It is a great activity to keep kids busy during a rainy day though and is a beautiful sun catcher kid craft idea  😉 !

Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher


Bead Sun catcher-16



Finishing Your Sun Catcher Kids Craft Idea

Secondly, once you have your beads arranged carefully bring them to your grill to melt into the design. This took about 15 minutes for us. After they were finished we set them on the cement outside to cool. Even while they are cooling the fumes will come off of them so do not bring them inside to cool. Once they are cooled they pop right out of the cookie cutter or pan. The muffin tins we had to push along the bottom a little for them to pop out nicely.

After they are finally cooled, my husband took a small drill bit and drilled small holes into them. Once the holes were drilled I tied string to them. We used the bigger ones at the top and hung the smaller ones off of the bottom.


Bead Sun catcher-27 Bead Sun catcher-28 Bead Sun catcher-31 Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher


Bead Sun catcher-34

Bead Sun catcher-33

Bead Sun catcher-26 Bead Sun catcher-35 Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher

Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher Bead Sun catcher-24

Bead Sun catcher-37 Pony-Bead-Sun-Catcher

Finally, they make such a beautiful decoration to hang in the window and the grandma’s loved getting them for Mother’s day, I’m sure any mom would as well. Such a perfect kid craft idea.


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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. This is so amazing. We have never done this but it looks like such an easy and fun idea. Your children did such a great job. I’m going to keep an eye out for those beads at the thrift store. Thanks for inspiring love. You always do. 🙂


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