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Learning about anything that deals with electronics is something that most of our boys and my husband loves!! It might have something to do with the fact that Jake is very smart when it comes to anything electronics, and can really just about fix anything electronic wise.

He has fixed my computer and others many times, geeze he has even built computers for people. He can fix electonics in cars, phones, just about anything electronic wise. There are alway a couple boys watching over his shoulder when he is working on things anxious to learn what he is doing. So when we were given the opportunity to review one of EEME’s monthly hands on electronics for kids for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I knew this would be a fun project for the boys (and hubby) as well as the start of a fun Electronics For Kids unit for them.

EEME is a hands on monthly subscription that sends your child electronics project kit. Each month your child will receive a new electronic project kit along with all the components needed to build the complete project. They will then go to the EEME Website and watch about 45 minutes worth of videos that will teach students how to build the project, while they follow along. On top of just building it, students will also learn about the electrical engineering concepts behind the project, as well as use interactive quizzes to make sure they are understanding the hows and whys of the project.

The kit we received was LED Circuit system that lights up when it is dark and dims when it is light, it came with a dashboard, resisters, circuits, LED’s, and battery. You will also get access to the 45 minutes of online videos which walks you through step by step on how to complete the project. The videos not only teach students how to put the project together but it also teaches then the electrical engineering concepts behind the project.

All of the items shipped with the project.

Here is a picture of one of the parts of the videos. They show you each step while walking you through how to do it. The videos are split into small segments so children can keep up with the instructions and build the project along with them.


Dustin working hard to get the project put together.



 The finished project.

The light on.
The light off.

When your student has completed the project, you will immediately get an email from EEME asking for your feedback and to take a short survey about the project. I thought this was a great thing to have, so that if we had any problems or questions about the project I have a quick way to contact the company without having to search for contact emails. I also was pleased that they were interested with how we enjoyed the project and asked for our feedback so if there was anything I disliked or liked they could be aware of them.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this electric kit, and I think that we may purchase a monthly subscription for the boys in the future (maybe Christmas). I loved the fact that the project was so simple but came with every thing we needed to complete the project. I was quite amazed at the knowledge retained from the project the boys were able to understand circuits how they work, better then any book reading would have ever taught them. It is such a great way to let the kids work on electronic projects but also learn and understand the concepts behind it.

I would recommend this program to any parent who has a child that is interested in learning about electronics, or as a project with your electronic unit for school. It makes learning about electronics fun, hands on, and very easy for kids to understand.

The cost of EEME’s Monthly subscriptions is only $18.95 per month. You can cancel your membership at any time. With the subscription you will receive all needed items to complete the monthly project. The projects are recommended for children ages 7-12 but the younger kids and older kids both enjoyed the project just as well as our 9 & 11 year old!

Free Preview Of The EEME Videos

You can stop over to the EEME site and sign up for free to get a preview of the EEME video curricula.

EEME Monthly Subscription Savings

If your interested in signing up for EEME’s monthly subscription, just email for the latest promotional offer towards their monthly subscription. Just let them know you Mama Of Many Blessings sent you.

Stop over and see what fellow crew members had to say about EEME hands on electronics kit by clicking the banner below.

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