Thank you for sharing!!

Yesterday the boys did their morning work.. Our theme for the next month is Beach and Ocean, so we have been working on lots of hands on fun all beach and ocean themed!
Ethan wanted to use the Metal Inset Tracing Tray..
I don’t have the insets yet so we are just using the stencils we have. They fit perfectly in there and he doesn’t have to hold on to them.
It is also really nice not to have to worry about pencils rolling on the floor…
We found a fun beach and ocean printables and made a book. Cody finishing up his Ocean Animal book from Enchanted Learning, 1 of the things he will put into his lapbook at the end of the unit
Dustin hanging off the couch, working on A Rainbow Under The Sea, also from Enchanted Learning.
After 6 boys sitting and working, they sure had a lot of energy built up, so we made an obstacle course.
We also made a couple different recipes today, Octopus Hot Dogs on noodles, and Sailboat Sandwiches. All fun beach and ocean themed recipes!
Here is Anthony getting the Sailboat Sandwiches ready, I found the recipe HERE
Anthony showing Shawn how to roll up the crescent rolls.
Dustin scooping out the middle..
Here they are… Not exactly like the recipe, but they were yummy any way. I was surprised but everyone ate them, even the picky eaters! I would suggest buying crescent rolls already made instead of making them yourself, the homemade ones were a lot smaller and hard to work with.
Here are the Octopus Hot Dogs in noodles
What you will need:
Ramen Noodles (how ever many packages you want)
Hot Dogs
Green/ Black Olives
I cooked the Ramen Noodles, and hot dogs, sliced the hot dogs 3/4 the way up, all the way around so that there were 8 “tentacles” I made little slits where the eyes would go with the knife, cut the olives into little pieces, and stick them in for eyes, set the hot dog on some of the ramen noodles.

Thank you for sharing!!


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