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Blandford Nature Center

The last week we had some unseasonably warm 50′ days, I decided to take advantage of it and in the afternoon head out to Blandford Nature center. We visit Blandford Nature Center frequently, the kids have had so many wonderful learning experiences there, and its a great way for them to get lots of energy out!
We took a trip down the wildlife trail to see the injured animals they care for before heading out to the trails.
Watching and reading about the owl’s.
Gabe loved watching the animals!
Watching the bobcat, who always paces back and forth.
Running down the snowy paths!
Checking out the nest in the tree, and also noticing there is a second exit for the animals through the top of the tree.
 Taking a break on the log.
Ethan would take turns pulling the wagon, great heavy motor work!
Looking for frogs and toads in the creek, soon enough it will be time for the frogs to hatch and the ponds and creeks are full of frogs last year we were able to see them during one of our visits! What a fun way to learn!
Serena and Dustin working together to make sure the wagon makes it across the bridge that still had some icy snow on it.
Gabe going up the stairs, without holding on!
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