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I figured it would be fun to list some essential oil uses this list contains all ideas that we use in our house and they have been helpful to us, I hope they are helpful to others as well. I use essential oils from Puritans Pride, they have amazing specials right now they have oils B1G1, they also have organic oils, and their customer service is great!


Essential Oil Uses and Remedies That Work!!


Make your own bug spray with Essential Oils:  

We traveled to the UP of Michigan last summer, stayed in some wonderful cabins in the middle of the woods, and we also took many hikes exploring the wilderness in the beautiful UP. I knew how bad mosquitos were up there and I didn’t want the kids to be spraying with DEET and getting all the chemicals found in traditional bug sprays so I decided to make our own DIY Bug Spray.  We found out this recipe actually works and was perfect for our trip which the mosquitos were terrible on, so in my opinion it would work perfect for anywhere.

I will say that we did have to spray ourselves every 30-60 minutes to keep the mosquitos away, but without all the extra chemicals and how cheap it was to make I am just fine with that!


1/2 cup water

1/2 cup distilled apple cider vinegar or witch hazel

20 drops of peppermint

15 drops of tee tree oil

10 drops Lemon essential oil

10 drops Rosemary essential oil

10 drops Eucalyptus Oil

Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle shake well before each use because the oil separates from the witch hazel.


Make your own laundry soap using essential oils:

Now I have been making my own laundry soap for a quite few years now, I have found that adding some essential oils really helps. It keep the towels, hand towels, and other things smelling fresh, and adds an extra antibacterial aspects in a natural way!

4 cups hot water

1 bar of natural soap (we use Fels naphtha)

1 cup washing soda

1/4 cup borax

30 drops lavender essential oil

20 drops lemon essential oil

30 drops clove essential oil


Make your own all natural disinfectant spray using essential oils

1 cup water

20 drops lavender essential oil

2- drops thyme or eucalyptus oil

10 drops tea tree oil

Mix together and put into spray bottle for your own antibacterial spray, chemical free!!


Natural Remedy to fight off allergy symptoms

1 drop thyme essential oil

1 drop tea tree essential oil

2 drops rosemary

2 drops peppermint

2 drops eucalyptus

Run in your diffuser as needed.


Use Steam to fight off infection

Boil 1 quart of purified water, pour into bowl add 1 drop of thyme oil, place a heavy towel over head breathe deeply, follow with 1 drop of tea tree oil and 1 drop the eucalyptus oil. Helps to kick illnesses you may be coming down with.


Make your own natural oven cleaner:

1/2 cup salt

1/4 cup borax

16 oz of baking soda

1 cup of water

3/4 cup white vinegar

10 drops of thyme essential oil

10 drops of lemon essential oil

Combine the washing soda, salt, and baking soda in a bowl. Add just enough water to make a paste about a 1/4 cup. Spread paste on oven walls let sit for 20-30 minutes, fill a spray bottle with the vinegar and essential oils shake well then spray in oven. Use steel wool or some other rough scrubber and scrub oven clean. Use a wet rag to wipe down well.


Make your own Antiseptic

5 drops of lemon oil

10 drops of tea tree oil

5 drops of eucalyptus oil

2 oz of filtered water

Mix all ingredients and put into spray bottle. Shake for 30 seconds before spraying on cuts & scrapes


Make your own Homemade Vapo Rub

Essential Oil Vapo Rup:

10 drops of eucalyptus oil

10 drops of peppermint oil

3 drops of thyme oil

1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil.

Mix all ingredients together. Then rub the mixture briskly onto chest and/or throat, cover with a warm towel to help clear up congestion. I use this method all the time for stuffy kids, and it works great!!


What essential oil uses do you use in your home? Please leave a comment letting me know, I would love to hear from you!


Our favorite essential oil storage products

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    • Donna,
      Your welcome! I am continually amazed as to how many wonderful uses there are for essential oils. Going natural sure is a journey, but we have started to see so many of the great fruits from our journey. Thanks for stopping over and commenting!!

  1. I need to make that allergy mix – the pollen is horrible in our area right now! Thanks for sharing with us at the Snickerdoodle Link Party – this will be one of my features this Saturday!


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