Excavating toys from ice

Thank you for sharing!!

Excavating Toys From Ice

I found this fun activity from a great blog here I follow, you fill a bowl or container with water and whatever little plastic animals you have (I also added some other fun stuff) put it in the freezer overnight. Bring out the next day and let the kids start excavating toys from ice, we used medicine droppers with warm water, 3 small bowls of salt, some hammers and golf tees, and dropper bottles filled with warm salt water.  The kids had so much fun that we have now done it a few times!
So this is one of the bowls we started with, after the first day I decided I needed to make 5/6 different ones so that all the kids who were here could join as well!
Dustin’s friend was over one of the days to enjoy this activity with us!
Here are some of the animal partially out
Even Serena joined in and enjoyed it!
One of the neighbor kids helping…  It’s not very often we have just our kids here, we tend to always have a house full!!
Cody pounding a golf tee into the ice.

Thank you for sharing!!

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  2. Karen Waide says:

    Ever since I heard about this activity I have wanted to do it with my children. Still haven’t gotten around to it.
    Thanks for sharing on Littles Learning Link Up. This is one of this week’s featured posts! I am so very glad for your continued participation

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