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Fall and Halloween Sensory Table Ideas

I decided to make 2 new sensory bins, they will be rotated for the next 6 weeks or so.

Fall Sensory Bin

I made a Fall/Farm bin to go along with all of our 2 Farm trips coming up this month.
 I used some straw as the filler for this bin, added a few gourds, fall leaves, and apple cinnamon candles I found at the dollar store. I also added our farmer, barn, some of our animals, and tractor from our Grammar Farm.

Halloween Sensory table Ideas

And of course a  Halloween sensory bin. I dyed rice purple and orange, and added some black beans for the filler.  Then I put in a couple mini Halloween buckets, bracelets, halloween colored pom poms, halloween rings, and a couple scoops for scooping the rice into the Pumpkin buckets.
The Halloween sensory bin was the first thing Ethan pulled after worship and circle time Monday morning!
We try so hard to keep all of the rice in the bin, but because Ethan has very poor impulse control it doesn’t always happen so good. So we usually pull out the bins a few days a week, days I have to vacuum any way and have Ethan help clean up all the rice with me. He has really taught me to pick and choose my battles a lot more!  He has a couple times really tested and started throwing the rice, I firmly tell him we don’t throw the rice and if he does it again it will be put away so we can try another day and thats the only warning before it really will be taken and put away.

Thank you for sharing!!



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