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Fall Leaves Preserving with Wax Paper

Things have been very busy around here, preparing for our upcoming fall/farm unit before our visit to the farm/pumpkin patch, Serena has Meap testing this and next week and has to be to the school at 7:45am, Cody’s allergy shots, a few doctors appointments, bringing Ethan back and forth to school 4 days a week, and now we have a trip up north to Traverse City for a funeral, and then there is trying to fit school into all of that.
It wouldn’t be quite as bad if Jake wasn’t getting home between 8-10:00pm, 7 days a week. God is really teaching me to rely on him to give me the strength to push through the days, I continue to be amazed and greatfull at the lessons we learn through the trials God allows to happen in out lives!
We did however take a few hours on Friday to go for a nature walk, we have been experiencing an indian summer around here, and I have done everything possible to take advantage of it! The kids had a mission, to collect to collect as many different colored leaves as they could find for our project and Ethan had to find as many signs of Fall as we could find for a school project.
The kids had fun examining the pond to see what was in there. The only thing they found was a bunch of fish.
Gabe munching on his apple, he sure got a work out before his nap time.
 I thought it would be fun to do some fall leaves preserving with wax paper using the leaves we found, so I did a bunch of looking and decided we would preserve them with wax paper (mainly since I didn’t have glycerin around the house.)
First we laid a wash rag down on our work area, pulled a sheet of wax paper off, and then arranged our leaves, making sure to not let them touch or get to close to the edges.
Next we took another sheet of wax paper the same size as the other one, and placed it on top of the leaves making a sandwich with the leaves. Then place another rag over the top of the wax paper.
On high dry heat iron the leaves, we found it was best to press down on each spot for a few minutes instead of ironing back and forth, let cool and trim up the edges. My original plan was to cut each of the leaves out, but after cutting the first sheet of leaves out we decided that wouldn’t work very well, the edges peeled up and we had to start all over.
I did however try one with the little bit of clear contact paper I had left, and decided if I had more we would have done some that way instead of the wax paper. Those held up nice around the edges when cut individually and were a lot clearer than the wax paper, as you can see in this picture comparing the 2 different versions.
This is the finished product on our dining room window. What a beautiful fall decoration!!
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