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Fall Montessori Practical Life Activities

Here are a few of our new Fall Montessori practical life activities that the kids have been using in our Homeschool montessori classroom.

I originally put flower arranging out so everyone could use it, but after the vase got knocked over by Gabe 5 times in 20 minutes and we had to pick up all the little red fillers, I decided it was going to be put up a little higher so Gabe cannot get it for now. I will set up a tray for flower arranging for Gabe with styrofoam instead of filler. The fall flowers and filler I found at the local Dollar General, and the vases I get at the thrift shop on half off day for about $0.40 each.
Here is the basket I put on the shelf

A close up of the vases the kids can choose from, and the small pitcher with the filler for the kids to pour into the vase.

The fall flowers they get to choose from…
Ethan pulled it out as soon as he spotted it on the shelf!
Another fun work that has gotten lots of use is the fall leaf poking. I had some leaf shaped food picks (found at Oriental Trading Company on clearance) that I put into a small basket and some pieces of styrofoam that I save from any packages I get and set it all out on a cute fall tray. The kids simply poke the picks into the styrofoam. I was a little worried that this would make a mess, but I have been happily surprised that little mess has been made with this!
Here is a close up of the basket with the food picks.
Gabe enjoying poking the picks into the foam, what concentration!!
I am linking up with THESE great linky parties, stop over and check out other great ideas to try in your homeschool!

Thank you for sharing!!



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