Thank you for sharing!!

The last couple weeks have not been so good around here, my health once again took a turn for the worse and it has been impossible to keep up with everything. When I can’t get everything done, my blog and email are the things that tend to suffer of course, so it has left everything quiet for a little bit. I am slowly getting back to people on email and now am working on finalizing all the blog posts that I have started and just need to finish up. I am so grateful for all the help my wonderful husband and children have been during this hard time, without them I surely wouldn’t have been able to get through this trial that God has thrown our way. I have decided that my health is the one trial that we are just going to continually struggle with in our life, I am grateful that somehow we get through it all stronger than we were to begin with!

About 9 months ago I developed a pneumothorax (hole in my right lung) and walked around for almost 2 weeks with 1 of my lungs completely collapsed because the doctor I went into see didn’t want to do an x-ray because they thought I was just under a lot of stress and just needed some meds to calm me down despite me telling them I didn’t agree.

Well 2 weeks ago on Monday I was bringing Ethan to school and realized that I was starting to feel out of breath just like I was when my lung collapsed. Concerned, I kept an eye on it for the next couple days and by Wednesday I had decided that it was time to go into my doctors office to figure out what was going on. Before I had time to get into the doctors office my rheumatologist called and asked me how I was feeling, because my monthly blood work came back, and even though my white blood cells run higher mine was unusually high for me at 19.5. I explained to her what was going on and told her I was going to be going into the doctor later that day, she told me to go into the ER instead and as soon as possible.

Arrive to a FULL ER room…
We pulled up to the ER and the waiting room was FULL there was at least 30 people waiting to be seen, I was not looking forward to sitting there in a room full of sick people expecially when I have a compromised immune system and am already sick. Jake drops me off at the door and goes to park the van, and I go up to the desk to check in and tell them what I am there to be seen for, the nurse checks my pulse and she tells the nurse next to her “we are going to need a room for this lady” it was up to 159, before I know it someone is comes up from behind me and tells me I need to sit in a wheelchair and brings me back to a trauma bay to do an EKG. While I’m back gettin the EKG I asked if someone would show my husband back to where we were, I was told that I would be brought back out to the waiting room when we were done. She finished the EKG and brings it to the doctor to be read, and then brings me back to what I thought was the waiting room, but ended up being a room. A few minutes after being in the room Jake finally comes in and lets me know that they told him I was in the bathroom…

They started an IV and did some blood work right away when I got into the room, and then the doctor came right in and asked what was going on, I explained everything to her and they decided to do a chest xray and check my urine. Everything came back fine so they decided to call my rheumatologists office and ask them what to do next, they wanted a CT scan done of my chest, and some blood smears done to make sure no infection was in my blood, due to the imuno compromising meds I’m on.

The CT Results came back…
The CT scan came back with it being positive for pneumonia, and a very serious pneumonia, one that is in all 3 of the lobes in my right lung. To make matters worse I am severely tachacartic and they have no clue why. They told me at first that I was ok to go home and take an antibiotic and if things got worse or not better to come back in. Of course I get ready to go and head home and the she comes back in and tells me that after talking with the attending doctor they are not so comfortable sending me home due to the type of pneumonia and the current meds I’m on to suppress my immune system.

Now I’m sure most people would just say OK and just stay, but I have seen my mother go through over 20 years of medical problems and have now dealt with 3 years of my own serious health problems and have learned what I can and cannot handle health wise and know how much sleep you don’t get in the hospital. So I decided to go home take the very strong anti biotic, get lots of rest and fluids and go see me primary doctor about my very increased heart rate and for a recheck after the weekend. I slept for almost 3 whole days on and off and Serena and Jake took over the daily household chores.

I went in last Monday to my primary doctors office, they recommended a recheck of the CT scan in another week to let the inflammation go down, he gave me another 10 days of anti biotics. As far as my high heart rate which was 149 as a resting heart rate, he had no clue and said it wasn’t from 1 of my 19 different medicines, he put me on a beta blocker and referred me to the cardiologist office. He explained to me that my heart rate resting is as high as his would get during a 1/2 hour jog, he said it’s no wonder I am exhausted!

When I just think things are better…
I went home and started taking my new meds and started feeling better finally!! For only a day, I fell asleep to the first night feeling better to Serena throwing up… and woke up the next morning throwing up myself. ┬áBecause of the fact I was just getting better, I ended up getting dehydrated pretty fast and getting pretty sick from not being able to hold my meds down. So I ended up having to go back into the ER for IV fluids and meds to help me get better! While I was there they did routine blood work and found that my white blood cell count was 25, which was very high for me. We have ended up passing the flu around now to everyone in the house and it has been a rough week already, with a busy week ahead.

I went in for my CT Scan on Wednesday to make sure the pneumonia is gone, and also routine blood work to make sure my white blood cell count is going down, Thursday I went into the cardiologist to get put on a 48 hour holter monitor to find out what is going on with my heart, and Friday I was finally able to restart my Orencia infusions. I am bringing back the holter monitor on Monday and bringing Serena into the doctors for her 14 year check up.

Extremely Elevated Heart Rate despite Treatment…
I will be interested to see what come from the holter monitor because when I went in to get the monitor put on my resting heart rate was 180, and that is with beta blockers in my system and a high dose of them to. The nurse decided to do an EKG and got me all hooked up to the monitors and my heart rate was down to 90… If there is anything going on serious I should hear back next week sometime, but otherwise I have an appointment with the Cardiologist on the 12th of this month to decide what to do next, and what could be causing my heart rate increase until then I have almost no energy…

Thank you for sharing!!



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