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DIY Felt Apple Counters

I thought it would be fun to make some simple DIY Felt apple counters for the kids to use for different math activities, since most of my kids learn be by using hands on learning activities.

I cut out felt apples for the kids to use for various activities the last couple weeks. I used an apple template from to trace out the apple, stem, and leaf, I cut out 20 of each because I  wanted to made 2 different sets, next I hot glued the stem and leaf onto the apple.
The apples all glued together.
I used green puffy paint to add the numbers onto each of the apples, this is the first set I made, with just the numbers written on them.
Here is a close up of one of the apples.
The second set I hot glued the appropriate amount of apple seeds to each apple, Ethan loves to sit and feel the numbers and seeds on them!
Here is a close up of one with the seeds on it.
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