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We are so blessed to have one of the nations biggest all volunteer art events very close to us, and we have made it a family tradition to go every year the first full weekend in June. We have created so many beautiful and wonderful memories at the festival of the arts and the kids have been able to create all kinds of wonderful creations. One of the best things about the art festival is that all the activities are FREE, all the workers are volunteers and it amazes me to see how many wonderful people are willing to give their time!
On top of all the fun activities they have stages with bands playing all kinds of music everywhere, but their is food booths from local schools/churches/organizations that have food from just about any culture you can imagine. It is a wonderful time that all of us look forward to every year!
 The boys brought the neighbor girl with us to the festival!
Dustin found a cone and decided to wear it, of course I had to sneak a picture!!
Gabe enjoyed trying to take off a few times 🙂
Story time was fun
As you can see the kids all really enjoyed watching the play.
Ethan sat on the wall with Jake to watch.
Anthony was picked to be a “tree” in the next play.
The wizard came and “burned” down the trees
of course burned trees fall over  🙂
After we watched the play we headed over to “glue in” the kids take wood pieces from huge boxes and use wood glue to glue together whatever they want.
Dustin was Ethan’s helper
Anthony sat and strategically planned out his design before working!
Ethan proudly showing off his creation.
When all of the kids were finished with “glue in” we headed over to the “paint in” each of the kids get a piece of paper and paint at one of the easels.
This was Gabe’s favorite activity, Serena went in to help him work on his painting!

 After finishing “paint in” the kids went over to one of our absolute favorite activities, print making, we bring our own white t-shirts and the kids get to choose what designs they want on their shirts, get them printed and then heated to their shirts. We have shirts from every year for the last 6 years! Here is a picture of most of the kids with their shirts they made on.
 Serena was so happy when our friends showed up to spend some time at festival with us!
Dustin was Gabe’s buddy while everyone was making their t-shirts, I love this picture of the 2 of them!
Cody, Anthony, and their best friends.
We found a good spot for the kids to run, climb, play and get some energy out after all the long lines we stood in, because boys can only sit still so long 🙂
What a great way to end the day with orange lips from popsicles.
You will be glad to know that even though it looks like he didn’t get much of the ice cream in his mouth, he did lol.
A great way to spend a hot spring day with friends!
Stop by and check out the blogs I am linked up with for great ideas to try with your kids!!

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I do love to see a good outdoor event. This one looks amazing with so much for the children to do and some wonderful photographs to remember it all. I would love you to link the post with me on Country Kids too. It looks like such a happy day.


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