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Yesterday was our first day using New Child Montessori Manuals. The kids and I really enjoyed it. I will say it was a lighter day because the Supplement to the manuals hasn’t come in the mail yet, and of course the first day of any curriculum is always on the easy side. My plan with the curriculum is to split the manuals up between the next 2 years, so we are not doing all of the listed activities except for seasonal.
Our themes for the next month:
Our peaceful classroom, Introductory lessons, Peace table, Nature table, Care of class environment, Care of class animals, Grace & courtesy lessons, Parts of the body, Control of the body, Care of the body, Feelings, Senses, Celebration of Life. What do people, plants, animals and insects do in the winter.
Our first week focuses on peace, manners and feelings. So we started out our circle time by reading 2 different books, the first was Curious George says Thank You by H.E. Ray which teaches the kids about saying “thank you”, and Help me to be Good about Whining by Joy Berry which teaches the kids why they whine and more positive ways to get their needs met. We also reviewed a bunch of presentations that were in the plans today that I had presented in the summer to the kids, I figured another presentation never hurts, plus Serena hasn’t been around for most of our previous presentations.
Dry Pouring Into 4 Cups: One of the new works on our shelves for the week is pouring peas into the 4 cups. The thing that makes it difficult is that the pitcher holds more than fits in the 4 cups.
 I love this set, the deep blue color is just gorgeous! I purchased it from Montessori Services.
 Anthony was excited to do this and it was the first thing he worked on from the shelves.
Gabe is still experimenting with what hand he prefers to use, he uses his left hand half the time still, so I wonder if we will end up having 2 lefties in the house.
I love the concentration put into his work in this picture!
Carefully pouring the peas back into the pitcher. I was surprised at how well he did, there was only a few peas that spilled!
Pouring snowflakes I used snowflake confetti and showed the kids how to pour from one cup to the other.
Anthony trying it out. I did find out you don’t want to fill the cup more than 3/4 of the way or the confetti clumps together when pouring and doesn’t work to good. I guess thats why you test a work out before placing it out for the kids!
 Loom: Serena worked with the loom during the weekend and finished another one today. She is very crafty and can make beautiful jewelry she even made our Montessori Bead material for me.
The kit she got came with instructions to make a few different things, she decided to follow the plans to make a purse out of her 2 different “squares”.
Here is the first part to the purse finished up. You can’t even notice the spot she messed up on while working to tie the ends together, because she did such a great job covering it up.
And the second part to the purse. Which I didn’t manage to get a picture of finished. She just has to sew the 2 squares together and she is finished with it, I will post a picture when she is done.
 She wants to learn how to make socks and mittens, so I suppose I will work on my rusty crocheting skills and work on teaching her how to crochet!
And today she made a pot holder for me! I love the colors she chose!
Knobless Cylinders: Cody chose to work on the knobless cylinders, they are one of his favorites!
Very carefully putting the last one on.
Name Collages: Today the kids learned about their names and how special they are and then did a name collage. We will be putting their names on the front of their bins on the back porch as labels.
Ethan has gotten so good with holding the paint brush over the container till it stops dripping before using it.
Language/ Reading: Cody and Anthony are working working with the “Sh” sound and spelled some of their words using the moveable alphabet
 Then matched up the flashcards to the word. If you look carefully at shovel Cody made his own “s” out of 2 letter c’s.
After practicing their “sh” words, they read “Shelly’s Shell Shop” a story I printed off from Reading a-z. and then went through and circled all the “sh” words in different colors according to where the “sh” was located.
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  1. Great work! Fround your blog from Deb! I have the New Child Montessori Albums as well. I would love to see how you use them. We tried for a bit, but it was just too much for us to move on from day after day. There is so much great info in them! Good Luck and happy schooling!

  2. Deb,
    Thank you for your comments they are alway so kind! Thank you for featuring my post on Facebook, it is so much appreciated.

    So glad you stumbled upon my blog, I have been following yours for a while now! I was a little overwhelmed when I got the albums the other day, but I am trying to split it up over 2 years so it won’t be so much every day, and it can’t possibly be as bad as scheduling school for the 6 kids on my own lol. Thank for the nice comments and good luck wishes!


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