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As I stated the other day I am going to give you a look into just how we store a months worth of food for 8 people. Like I also stated before we do things differently this time of year because we do not get our fruits and veggies from the farmers market anymore which means there is a lot more things in my freezer then normal. We also freeze strawberry jam and cut strawberries every year which equals about 100lbs of strawberries we prepare. We freeze corn and zucchini as well so our freezers are pretty full right now.


We have 2 different fridge/freezer combo’s inside our house and a very large deep freezer outside in our garage. We are only 1 new bigger inverter away from running the freezer outside all on solar energy, so if the power ever goes out we don’t have to worry about all the food in there going bad.

Fridge/Freezer Food Strorage inside

This is the fridge/freezer that is in our kitchen and we call this the main fridge. The right side is a fridge and the left side is a freezer.

Here is our fridge/freezer combo that is kept on our back porch.

Inside Fridge Storage

Here is a look inside of the fridge in our kitchen where we keep condiments, leftovers, drinks, and the fruits and veggies that are opened and in use.

This is our other fridge/freezer combo that is inside, this one is on our back porch the same place our food storage shelves are located. In here we keep extra fruits and veggies as well as our milk and eggs.

Inside Freezer Storage

Here is a look into the freezer in the kitchen. Both of the indoor freezers have 1 package of each frozen fruit and frozen veggies, frozen chicken broth, and some other misc items.

A look at the back porch freezer.

Outside Big Deep Freezer Storage

I’m sure this is the one freezer that will be the most exciting to see. It is a HUGE deep freezer, I put a 5 gallon bucket in front of it so you can see how big of a freezer it really is!!

We had wanted to purchase part of a cow to save on grass fed meat for some time now, are going to raise enough meat birds next year for chicken for a year for us, and also want to start freezing more fresh produce for the winter. Finding a used cheap deep freezer had been on our to purchase list of quite some time.

When our milk/meat farmer built a walk in freezer and was getting rid of her freezers at a discounted rate, we decided it was time to get one! We keep in our in our garage because there really isn’t much room in the house for this big thing!! We have had it now for over 6 months and I LOVE it!!

Here you can see just how deep in is, all of our jars of freezer strawberry jam are on the bottom, and on top of them are multiple gallon size bags full of crock pot garlic mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, and there is still tons of space! Food-Storage-1

Here are our extra frozen veggies for the month, and all of the corn we froze during the summer, along with bread, and a few other bags.Food-Storage-1

Here is the rest of our bread, tons of our frozen strawberries from strawberry picking this year, along with a few other frozen bags of fruit. Food-Storage-1

Because the freezer is so deep there are 4 baskets on top which is a great spot to keep misc small meat packages, small bags of frozen veggies for soups, and other small items. They slide along the top so you can access the food below them.Food-Storage-1 Food-Storage-1 Food-Storage-1

Old Freezer Storage

We haven’t always had a huge deep freezer to store all of our freezer meals. Less then a year ago we used this very old upright freezer to store everything. Here is a look at what that freezer looked like. In the door you can see just how much homemade bread we go through in a couple months time. This freezer was so old that every summer we had to thaw out all the ice buildup that would collect inside, but either way it worked  😉 !


As you can see it was packed to the brim with meals and other food. Getting things out sure was interesting. By the time we got our deep freezer we were propping the door shut with a broom handle so it wouldn’t fling back open 😀 , God sure knows how to come through just when we need something!!Food-Storage-22

Food Storage Shelves

Here is another fun one, our food storage shelves. We have gone through many storage shelves through the years. The biggest reason for this is because our back porch used to be an outdoor back porch and was  built on a slant to keep water away from the house which bows wooden shelves. Due to this fact the first set of storage shelves we bought bowed in and eventually collapsed, and eventually the Ikea shelves we got started bowing too. These shelves should last for a while because they have feet that can be leveled, and are not wooden shelves that will eventually bow due to all the weight of all the food we keep on them.

In this picture the shelves look extra full because we had not done our monthly meal making yet. Once we made the meals the shelves are about 1/2 emptied.


We place baskets on the shelves for smaller items so the kids can grab some of the snacks right of the shelves. We also will eventually cut thin pieces of wood to put under the cans since they do not stack on the wire shelves good at all.

Food-Storage-1 Food-Storage-1 Food-Storage-1

How We Make Our Monthly Meals

If you missed it stop over and read all your questions answered and the logistics of feeding our family of 8.

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    • Kelly,
      Thank you so much!! It has been such a lifesaver for us! I got sick of going to the store frequently, and always picking up a few extra things. That stuff really does add up! Thanks for stopping over, have a blessed weekend!!

  1. This is such a helpful post! I plan monthly menus for my family and we purchase many products in bulk, so it is nice to see an example of how to store a lot of food.
    My husband and I purchased a deep freeze when we first got married (before we even had a child). It has been so helpful! I’m not sure what we’d do without it.

    • Shannon,
      I’m glad it was helpful to you! It makes life so much easier to meal plan, as well as saves us a lot of money! I don’t know what we would do without our deep freezer any more either. Thanks for stopping over, have a blessed weekend!!

  2. My kiddos are still young but I’m realizing from your posts that I have to learn quick because before I know it they will be bigger and will be eating so much more. I love your freezer. We have wanted one before. My husband hunts and I’m planning to get my hunting licenses as well. Hopefully that would save us some money on food. I really need to go to Costco. Costco is 40 minutes away from where I live and if I only did my major shopping once a month, I could totally drive that far. When we first moved I went once a week but I soon got too tired driving that long for food with 4 kiddos. Thanks again for such an amazing post….

    • It is amazing how God will equip us right when we need it to accomplish big tasks in life! Next year we are raising our own meat birds to store in the deep freezer for the whole year! I wish my hubby would hunt to, it saves a TON of money. It is amazing how much time it takes up to drive back and forth to the store every week when it isn’t close. I’m sure you would love Costco, they have tons of Organic options and the quality of food is really amazing! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping over and commenting!

  3. Wow, that’s an impressive amount of food. Do you go through all of that in a month + week? We had a freezer, but that broke and I miss it. This definitely make me want to go get a new one.

  4. Really great! I feel that food storage is so important. There’s only two of us now, but when the kids were growing up we had 7. I stocked up when things were on sale. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Great info! Thanks so much for sharing at our To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and more Link Party! Pinned this! Hope you join us again next week!

  6. I am slowly getting this accomplished. I don’t have the meal planning fine tuned yet, but I have gotten more storage and organized the pantry to where I only go to the grocery maybe once a week. I used to go most everyday. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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