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We all know the dreaded words from kids during the summer of “I’m Bored”. The first time or two isn’t that bad, after the 50th time, things can get a little redundant. This is part of the reason we have decided to homeschool our kids year round.

During the summer months we don’t do a full day of school but do a shortened day. We also make sure to have plenty of outside time for the kids and other fun activities.

20+ FREE Summer Coloring Pages For Kids

Since ultimately summer is right around the corner and many kids already being out of school for the year. I figured I would share some great summer coloring pages with you to keep your kids busy. Hopefully, prevent some of the I’m bored syndrome.

These summer coloring pages are a little more simple and might be boring for older kids while some of them might enjoy them anyway. Stick around and next week I will be sharing some adult coloring pages I put together. These might be better for your older kids, as well as all of us parents.

This printable set has 19 total summer coloring pages in it. You could just print the individual pages you would like to use, or print them all out and make them into a summer coloring book for your kids. This printable pack is COMPLETELY free, there are no strings attached, no sign-up forms, or anything else. Just click on the file, download to your computer or phone, and print them off.

Summer Coloring Pages For Kids

I do ask a couple things when you use these files. If you would like to share these with your friends or family please send them directly to this post for them to download. PLEASE do not share the file itself with them. I try to watch and see what files are the most popular and make more of them instead of ones people are not that interested in. When you share the actual files with people I do not know how many are enjoying them. Thank you for following this simple rule!

I have shared a great post on how we save THOUSANDS of dollars on printing that may be helpful to you as well. Head over and check it out to save tons of money when printing out these and other summer activities for your kids!

20+ Summer Coloring Pages For Kids


Summer Coloring Pages For Kids Free Summer Coloring Pages For Kids

Having the little ones trace the letters on each of the pages is great fine motor practice for them! FREE summer coloring Pages for kids FREE Summer Coloring Pages For Kids Free summer coloring pages for Kids FREE Summer coloring pages for kids

My 13 and 9 years old even enjoyed coloring some of the pages. FREE Summer Coloring Page For kids

FREE Summer Coloring Pages 2  FREE Summer Coloring Pages For Kids FREE Summer Coloring Pages For Kids FREE Summer Coloring Pages For Kids FREE Summer COloring Pages For Kids FREE Summer Coloring Pages For Kids

23 FREE Easy Summer Coloring Pages For Kids

Get your FREE Summer Coloring Pages by clicking on THIS link!!



Looking for more summer coloring pages or activities to do with your kids this summer? I have a Pinterest board that will help you out with that, head over and check it out!!

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Summer Fun Ideas on Pinterest.


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