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With the wonderful weather we have been having, we decided to take a trip to Blandford nature center for the afternoon on Sunday. We had my dad, brother, sister in law, and one of the neighbor girls with us to enjoy the fun!
Ethan, Gabe, and Dustin were exploring the edge of the pond. They were able to see a few turtles sun bathing on logs in the pond.
Anthony and Cody caught a bunch of big frogs at the pond.
Dustin found a little gardener snake.
Dustin was showing the snake he found to another family that was walking the trails.


Ethan was having lots of fun with Aunt Andrea looking for frogs and turtles in the pond.
Gabe as usual following his daddy.
My dad had a lot of fun exploring the wildlife with the kids.
My brother helped Serena who thought it was a good idea to try climbing down a cliff 😉
They found quite a few different types of frogs and toads. I will be printing off the pictures of the frogs and toads for the kids to be able to look up and do some research on, and then add them to their Nature Journals.
 It was such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
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Thank you for sharing!!



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