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This moth we have been learning about food and fitness in our Mother Goose Time curriculum. During our first week the kids learned about different food groups. Some of the fun things the kids did during this week were spell the letters of their name with corn kernels, group similar vegetables, observe and record beans growing, sort strawberries, identify parts of a cow, explore traditions and food from Jamaica, and so many other fun activities. All of them were included in the monthly shipment of our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. Here is a look into some of our fun nutrition activities for kids we did during the week.



We talked about protein and the different foods we can eat that are protein. Then we played a game where one of the boys would sit in our boat (clothes basket) and the other one would push them around a room to go fishing. They really loved this activity. Any type of activity that gets kids moving is great in my opinion they learn so much better that way!!

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition

Nutrition Nutrition

This is what it looks like when your brother runs one of the fish over  😉 glad I was able to catch that expression lol.


We talked about different food groups and how important it is to eat from each of them. We had a bunch of different food for them to sort into the correct spot on their healthy plate.


Nutrition Nutrition


For this activity we talked about how strawberries start out green and then as they get ripe they turn red. The boys have been able to see this up close and personal the last few years when we go for our annual strawberry picking outing. We pick about 100lbs of strawberries every year and freeze strawberries and make our own homemade strawberry jam.

For this activity the boys would roll our dice and take that many green or red strawberries (aka. hearts) and put them into our containers. Sorting the red into 1 container and the green ones into another container.

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition



They also made their own strawberries. The boys loved using the spikey balls to paint onto the strawberries.
Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition

Both of the boy’s completed strawberry projects.


We spent a day learning about grains. Each of the boys were able to make (paint) their own sandwiches. Gabe decorated his with our homemade strawberry jam and Nutella, and Ethan decorated his with mayonnaise, mustard, and a slice of cheese. Very unique sandwiches they like, I know  😀 ! Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition



For other great nutrition activities for kids ideas you can head over to my Human Body Pinterest board there are tons of great ideas on there.

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  1. I love the fishing photos! You can just see the joy on his face! Getting a ride in a basket what more could a little boy ask for? oh maybe getting to push little brother. 😉 can you tell I also have boys!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Amanda,
      Thank you!! They sure did enjoy fishing, and pushing each other around in the basket. I am always amazed at the great ideas Mother Goose Time comes up with to do with the kids, they always keep learning fun and active!! Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed weekend!!


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