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Last month in our Mother Goose Time curriculum we have been learning about bubbles, boats, and floats. During our last week of this theme we learned all about rainbows.

We started out our theme learning a song called “Make A Rainbow” sung to the tune “Frere Jacques.” Every day is started out using a song. This on like the others had hand motions to go with the song, which really gets the kids into the song as well as our theme for the day.


Rainbow Dancer

One of the fun activities we did while learning about rainbows was to make a rainbow dancer. As usual Mother Goose Time provided all the materials, which is a great thing about this curriculum. You could find most of the materials around the house to make your own rainbow dancer though.

  • Small paper plate
  • Beans
  • Cotton Balls
  • Rainbow Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

First they folded their paper plates in half.

Rainbow-Dancer-1 Rainbow-Dancer-1

Then they drew a sun and raindrops onto one of the halves of their shakers.Rainbow-Dancer-1 Rainbow-Dancer-1



Next they cut each of the colors out of the paper to add to them.


After their colors were all cut out they taped them on. We went over the colors of rainbows so they made sure to add them in the correct order. Ethan and Gabe both took very different approaches to adding their colors.

Ethan taped each individual color right onto the back of his shaker.Rainbow-Dancer-1 Rainbow-Dancer-1

Gabe took a piece of tape and added half of the colors to the tape, then added the tape to his shaker.

Once they completed their shakers, the finally added the cotton balls (aka. clouds.)

Rainbow-Dancer-1 Rainbow-Dancer-1

After they finished everything they stapled their shakers almost all the way shut. They then added their beans, and finished stapling them shut. To have a completed shaker. When they boys make the shakers they will walk around the house with them on and off all day shaking them! Such a fun activity for kids.

Rainbow-Dancer-1 Rainbow-Dancer-1

Rainbow Fruit Snack

Every month Mother Goose Time has a recipe card that goes with the curriculum theme. This month the kids made fruit snack rainbows. It was such a great healthy snack idea for kids. While we didn’t have indigo, we had a fruit for every color. It was also a great way to teach the kids the colors of the rainbow, eat a healthy snack, and get the kids in the kitchen to help prepare food.

  • Red ~ Strawberries
  • Orange ~ Mango
  • Yellow ~ Pineapple or Bananas
  • Green ~ Kiwi
  • Blue ~ Blueberries
  • Violet ~ Grapes

Here is a look at the recipe card that is included in our monthly curriculum. I love that it gives the kids photos of the directions so they can easily follow along.


Here is a look at our snacks all cut up and ready to make into a rainbow. We didn’t have any cottage cheese so we just made a rainbow without it. We cut up extra fruit so that the older kids could have a fruit salad to go along with their lunch too.

Once the fruit was cut up and ready to go, you just make them into a rainbow. We made sure to add them in the correct colors of the rainbow. By the time we were done making our fruit rainbow’s the boys knew the correct colors in the rainbow.


Rainbow-Fruit-Snack-1 Rainbow-Fruit-Snack-1

Rainbow-Fruit-Snack-1 Rainbow-Fruit-Snack-1 Rainbow-Fruit-Snack-1

Of course the best part was getting to eat their beautiful rainbows!


We continue to love how Mother Goose Time makes learning so fun for the kids. They are so excited to start working on our Science Lab theme coming up next month. It is the last theme before the start of the next school year. Where did the summer go??

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