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Every year we take off at least a week of school during Thanksgiving. During that time we take off our regular studies, but do fun things in its place. We find great hands-on Thanksgiving ideas for kids. There are many different resources we have used over the years. Some of our resources we use year after year, and others we use once and that is it.

After years of using many different resources, I am sharing my favorites with you today. They are the one I think the kids had most fun learning with and also teach the kids about the real meaning behind Thanksgiving.


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Easy Make and Learn Projects

Scholastic suggests grades 1-3 on the book Easy Make & Learn Projects ~ The Pilgrims, The Mayflower & More, but even my older middle school boys enjoy using these models. This is probably one of our favorite resources for teaching Thanksgiving ideas for kids. They are printable models that teach kids about Thanksgiving. They have 15 different resources and we use about 2 different ones each year. To this day we haven’t even been able to use them all yet.

Moving Mayflower Map

We have really had SO much fun with this book!!


Pilgrim Town and Wampanoag Village

This project took quite a bit of work coloring and cutting each of the figures out. It turned out really great though. They have things inside each of the buildings according to what the pilgrims or Wampanoag’s would have had in their houses. It was a really great way for the kids to be able to compare the different ways of life between the two.

A Cranberry Thanksgiving

A fun thing to do during the Thanksgiving break is to read Cranberry Thanksgiving and make the famous cranberry bread in the book. They include the recipe for you to use. Not only is the bread delicious, but it is a fun book to read as well.

The First Americans Book

This is a fun and easily put together book. It is all about The First Americans. It is a great way for the kids to get to know the different tribes that were around America. They can also learn about how they lived, their houses and more.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Printables

Printable Activity Book ~ We like to make a fun printable activity book for the kids to work on as they want to. Here are the pages that we have found are fun for kids of all ages. We print them all out and staple them together into a book for them. They can work on the pages as they choose to. I have included the links to each of the pages online below the photos for anyone interested in using them.

Extra Thanksgiving Learning Ideas

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving printables we use. A few words of advise about following resources. First, we use different printables each year, not all of them every year. Second, I purchased all the Scholastic books as a digital copy for $1. If you follow the Scholastic website and make sure to read their emails they will email you when they have the $1 sale. Look for great titles during this sale, I’m sure you will not be disappointed!!

Great Thanksgiving Books For Learning

Our Favorite Thanksgiving books for Kids

Some of these books teach kids all about the history of Thanksgiving, others are just fun books. We have accumulated them over the years and the kids enjoy reading them year after year.



When we teach our children using hands-on learning resources it is amazing how much better they pick up on the concepts being taught. What resources do you use to teach your kids about Thanksgiving? Have you used any of the resources I listed? Leave a comment below letting me know I would love to hear from you!!


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Thank you for sharing!!



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