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Let’s face it…we live in a world full of highly-processed, chemical laden food. The next time you are at the store, really take the time and read what’s printed on those food labels. Truth be told, there are probably words on each and every food item that you can’t even pronounce.

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Our kids, and even us are eating those foods multiple times each and every day. In our house, we strive to eat a better balance of healthy and natural foods. Fewer chemicals, fewer dyes, more organic products and more overall health is our goal each and every day. If you are looking for fun ways to encourage your child to eat more natural foods, here are some tips to help you get started.

Fun Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat More Natural Foods

  • Ask them what they want to eat. If you are taking the time to feed them good food, ask them what they prefer. Why waste the time and money buying natural foods that they don’t like? There are so many options out there for healthy fruits and veggies that it can be super simple to get them whatever their taste buds are craving.
  • Get rid of the junk in the house. If the house is full of unhealthy options, they are going to be eaten. Trust that fact. In order to get your child to eat more natural foods, get rid of all the other options that may be tempting them. Fruits, salad, vegetables, and yogurts are great snack items to keep in the house. While it may take a while for their taste buds to adjust, once they do they’ll love the change.
  • Let them play with their food. In moderation of course. Celery is one of those food items that are truly fun to play with. Give them peanut butter or cream cheese to spread on a few stalks and have them make the famous Ants on a Log that they’ll love to play with and create. Fruits are fun to organize by color as well. If your kids want to play with their food a little bit, let them!
  • Give them a goal for healthy eating. All kids love to be rewarded, right? Why not help to set a goal with them about eating healthy and natural foods for the summer? If they do well and stay on task towards the goal, then they’ll get a reward. Simple as that. You’ll be amazed at just how motivated your children may suddenly become to start eating healthy for the next few months.
  • Join in with them on the fun! If you are encouraging your child to eat healthily, then you should join in on the fun with them. They’ll love the fact that you are walking the walk right next to them on the journey. Plus, when you have someone right along with you for the ride, it always makes it a more fun experience for everyone involved.

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Getting your child to eat more natural foods doesn’t have to be an ongoing battle. Talk to them about the importance of healthy eating, and discuss with them all the food options that they’ll have available to continue to eat as well. Once they understand the need to eat better, they won’t be trying to battle you every step of the way. And the sooner that you can incorporate some fun ways to encourage your child to eat more natural foods, the better! Be prepared to answer their questions, join in on the fun, and encourage the entire family along the way. Before long, each and every one of you may be on the natural eating path.

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  1. I wish you had written this post about 30 years ago, when my eldest son was growing up, he wouldn’t eat any sort of fruit, in spite of my efforts and encouraging him, by setting a good example and eating fruit in front of him, luckily he has grown into a strong, healthy man though #overthemoon@_karendennis

  2. Great tips! My youngest son is a notoriously bad eater and dislikes pretty much all fruits and veggies but over time we are slowly getting him to at least try them daily.

  3. I need my son and dil to read this. 🙂 Their oldest son, Jack will not touch fruits or vegetables. I don’t get it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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