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Fall Montessori Works ~ Fun With Field Corn

When we went to the Pumpkin Patch with the kids, I got a bunch of field corn for the kids to make some fun Fall Montessori works with the kids.  I had Ethan pull off the corn with THESE little tongs, but it was still hard for him,
So he decided to just use his fingers instead. I had him pull the corn off and put it into the basket, then take the corn and put it into the little wooded bowl.
Here is a close up… Anthony and Cody have both used regular tweezers and helped pull the corn off as well.
I used some of the corn for a spooning practical life activity for Ethan and Gabe.
Gabe loves spooning activities right now, so he has used this activity daily, and for long periods of time.
It is amazing how good he has gotten using a spoon with all his practice. He can now feed himself very good with a spoon and usually not spill.
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