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With the weather warmed up in our area quite a bit later then normal and we didn’t start our garden till later then normal in fear of the frosts we have been getting. It has involved a lot of work from everyone but with 6 kids and 3 neighbor girls who love helping in the garden it has been a lot of fun. Gardening with kids is something that we do every year, this year it is just being done on a much larger scale.

We also picked some strawberry plants from the local farmers market of course GMO and chemical free, to get a strawberry patch started and we have spent some time picking over 100 pounds of strawberries in the area.

Right now my goal is to move all of us to eating all organic foods, and also removing most meat, and also most gluten from our diet once we accomplish that we will be working on removing gluten completely.

My big goal was to find non GMO seeds to plant in our garden. I did purchase a couple plants already grown from the local farmers market that were also heirloom plants grown organically!

We have planted so far tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, watermelons, honeydew melon, green peppers, carrots, white and yellow onions, lettuce, corn, strawberries, radishes, beans, peas, cabbage, and cantaloupe. Along with the eggs our new hens should start giving us very soon we are well on our way to an almost non GMO diet mostly from our yard.

Ethan and Gabe working on getting the onions planted.


Gardening is something that is great work for Ethan and he is right next to me the whole time I am working in the garden!
Dustin worked on getting all the rows weeded and getting some dirt to make hills for our melons and squash.
We planted yellow and white onions!
We work on the garden in the evening because it is shaded at that time of day and much cooler to work in. All the boys fall asleep without any problems on the nights they are working in the garden!
While we were digging out the rows for the seeds we found a baby cicada which Dustin said is 3 years old. He was so excited to see it because he said it was the littlest one he has ever seen. We found a safe place away from people and put it back into the ground!
Anthony was helping get an area weeded.
Our first 2 tomato plants, which we picked up at the farmers market, so we could have some plants at different stages since we have had frost so late into the year and didn’t get anything planted as early as I would have liked to.
Gabe had the most fun just playing in the dirt, so covering the onions was something he LOVED doing!
Anthony was such a big helper, and was always there to help anyone who needed it!
A couple mounds where some melons and squash are planted.
Our milkweed that the kids should be able to start seeing very small monarch caterpillars on!
We still have some weeding to do, but have planted almost everything we need to for the time being!!


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Ethan woke up the morning after we planted the first day and checked on the plants, and each time after it rains. I cannot imagine how excited he is going to be once they all start producing fruit and vegetables!

Have you planted a garden this year? If so what have you planted this year? Do you enjoy gardening with kids or by yourself?

Do you have a favorite organic recipe, I would love to try it please share the recipe or link to a recipe!


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