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Gentle Parenting Through Tough Times

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Being a parent can be quite the roller coaster. Some days you’re at an all-time high, other days…you’re at an all-time low. It’s no surprise that being a parent is full of ups and downs and sometimes it can be downright tiring and frustrating. If only there were some sort of reset button for those hard days, right?
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While there may not be that easy option, one option is to dig deep and find gentle parenting ideas for those days when you feel like you’re at your wit’s end. If you are looking for a few suggestions on how you can be a gentle parent, here are some things that can possibly help to get you through those tough times.

Gentle Parenting Through Tough Times


Take a breath and take some you time

Before anything, make certain that you are taking care of yourself. If you aren’t calm, you won’t be calm around your children. And honestly, no one likes to be around an uptight and cranky parent. If you can take a few moments and have some “you” time, do so. Leave the room, take a quick walk outside, or just go to the bathroom and shut the door. If you feel like you need some space, give yourself some space.

Hug it out

Take a cue from the TV show “Full House”, and hug it out. If you’re not a family of huggers, give it a try. There’s just something about embracing the other person that can bring a sudden calmness to everyone. When your little ones are having a tantrum or trying to sort through emotions that they just don’t understand, get down on their eye level, and hug it out. More than likely, they’ll instantly hug back, and it will help to relieve a lot of the tension.

Gentle Parenting Through Tough Times Facebook

Talk in a calm tone and voice.

We’ve all been yelled at one time or another, right? It’s not fun. And honestly, yelling seems to truly only magnify the situation and before you know it, everyone is yelling and everyone and nothing is getting settled or resolved. Instead of raising your voice, keep calm. Think back to how you felt when you have been yelled at in your life, and understand that it’s not the solution or answer. The more slowly and calmly that you can speak to your child, the more quickly they will calm down as well. The end result? Hopefully, you’ll both end up talking it out in a cool and calm fashion rather than yelling at each other and causing even bigger issues.

Just listen

Sometimes, kids just wanna vent. Who knows what has happened during the day that has caused them grief, but give them a safe spot at home where they can vent to you. All you need to do is listen. You don’t need to try to solve the problem or offer up a solution (unless they ask you to), just listen. Be there for them and with them and hear the words that are coming out of their mouth.

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Parenting in a gentle way isn’t a new concept, it’s just something that often gets overlooked in the heat of the moment. Think of it as a way to simplify the everyday occurrences that may happen in your home. Children often get angered or anxious because they’re still young and trying to understand all the emotions that are constantly swirling through their body. If you can be there as their parent, their friend, and their ear, that will work so much better than trying to parent them any other forceful type of way.

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