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Summer Montessori Activities

Today I was working on clearing off the shelves and getting things set up for school next week the new activities will include some new summer montessori activities. During that time Ethan and Gabe decided they were going to “test” some of the activities for me.
Gabe is carefully putting each kernel onto the spoon…
Then Gabe decided to take the bowl of kernels and pour them on the floor, Ethan tells me “Oh no mom Gabe made a big mess, I guess I better clean it up” I love it!
He ended up cleaning every bit up and very carefully pouring in back in the bowl!
This is what the living room shelves look like for the next couple weeks, this is where Gabriel’s activities and a few others will be for now.
On the top left to right, a Montessori Shape Sorting puzzle, a bead maze, Oval puzzle (It is a set of 9 different shaped puzzles) I will change this out with the shape I am working on with Gabe at the moment, and last on the top shelf is learn to dress Jake it is a doll with zippers, buttons, tying, velcro, snaps all kinds of fun stuff, and all of his over clothes come off to practice dressing for now this is what we are using instead of dressing frames! The second shelf has a collection of Curious George books, a shape sorter, tree blocks we made from a giant tree that fell on our house this summer, and a Montessori Dowel . The 3rd shelf has another shape sorter that makes noise as the shape is dropping down, next the pink tower and I have found out that Gabe is still not quite ready for this yet, seeings how he likes to continuously knock the tower over, but the other kids will be using it, and last on that row Spiky balls in a basket.  The last row has open and close activities and a fruit puzzle.
Montessori Toddler Shelf
Fine Motor: Taking spiky balls and dropping them into the green bowl. Which I continuously remind him are not balls to throw, then we pick them up and put them all back in the basket
Opening / Closing activities. I try to mix up different types of containers in here, from buttoning to zipping, to opening containers.  All the kids enjoy these, but Gabe is still needing a lot of guidance with some of them!
Shape sorting, which is still a work in progress, right now he gets very mad because he isn’t turning the shape to get it to fit into the hole, and still needs me to keep showing him how to do that.

Thank you for sharing!!


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