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With Halloween coming up soon, the kids and I made some super easy, cheap, and fun Halloween decorations. They turned out so festive and look great around the house as Halloween decorations.

Glowing Halloween Decorations


Materials Needed:

  • Clear glass cups (check your local thrift store if you don’t have any, we used some short and some tall glasses)
  • Newspaper to cover your work area
  • Orange tisue paper ripped up into about 1inch by 1 inch pieces
  • Modge Podge (bowl to pour some into, and a paintbrush to paint the modge podge on)
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Battery opperated tea light (optional but makes it a cute glowing decoration)

Steps to Follow

  • You start by covering your work area with newspaper,
  • Set your glass upside down on your news paper and paint a layer of modge podge over the entire glass.
  • Once your glass is covered with your modge podge you are going to take pieces of your tissue paper and press them onto your cup.
  • Once that layer has dried (make sure you let them dry or when you paint the modge podge it will tear the layer of tissue paper below, we only know that because some of my boys are a little impatient lol)you then paint another layer of modge podge around the glass over the tissue paper
  • Using tissue paper press all over the glass untill the glass is covered in a layer of tissue paper.
  • Repeat layers to desired color, we used 5-6 layers for ours.
  • NOTE: Make sure you remove your cup from the news paper after it is somewhat dry and let finish drying somewhere else, if you don’t the bottom will stick to the newspaper and tear off some of your tissue paper when you remove it.
  • Let dry overnight and then add your own faces or decorations on using a black Sharipe marker

What a cute and festive decoration to add to the house one the kids really enjoyed making. The tea lights make them a festive night light as well!

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Thank you for sharing!!



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