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Great Homeschool Organization and Storage Ideas

Great homeschool organization and storage ideas

Thank you for sharing!!

It has been a couple of years since we have shared what our homeschool room looks like. The reason for this is that, even though we have an area in our basement that we can devote to a schoolroom, we never use it. At this time the kids sit at the kitchen table or on the couch. Serena does school up in her room, away from the noise of us teaching younger ones using hands-on methods.

Since we decided to no longer do school in our school room, it has since then turned into a homeschool storage room. So today I will give you a look into how we store things in our basement, as well as a look into how we store things on our main floor now that this is where school takes place.

Great homeschool organization and storage ideas

I purchased some of these great photo storage containers, they are great for storing homeschool supplies. Some of the items we store inside of them are crayons, scissors, paperclips, small dry erase markers and many other things. They fit perfectly in our drawer of school supplies in our living room.

I love that these are the perfect size to fit in our drawer but also they are great to bring with us on the go in our diaper bag. The containers lock, so I don’t have to worry about them falling out all over the diaper bag and having to dig them out, they are very easy to use for kids as well.

Homeschool School Room-15
Homeschool School Room-16
Homeschool School Room-17
Homeschool School Room-18

Here is the drawer with lots of our school supplies, as you can see I have 6 of the photo containers in the back of the drawer.

Homeschool School Room-41

This is the drawer we keep our pencils, erasers, tape, stapler, rulers, and other supplies that are used on a regular basis. The containers are mostly dollar store containers set in the drawer. These really help to keep things organized in the drawer.

Homeschool School Room-39
Homeschool School Room-59

Another great thing to store items in is Mason jars. I love them. If we have a set of markers or colored pencils that are too big to fit into our photo containers, we put them in a mason jar. This makes them easy to grab and set out for school. The jars can also be dropped on the ground and rarely break!!

Not only did we need supplies that were used regularly somewhere where we could easily access them, but we needed other supplies, paper, and school books organized in an easy-to-access place as well. So we brought our Ikea Expedit shelf upstairs into our living room and set it up differently than we did when it was being used in our school room.

Homeschool School Room-44
Homeschool School Room-20

Right to the left of the shelf is the mobile file case that I put our Mother Goose Time curriculum into hanging file folders that are organized into each week and then day. I also have other papers filed in there, you can read how I set it up HERE on how we plan for our 6 blessings.

What’s Inside the Shelves

Homeschool School Room-24

The top 4 cubes are set up with books. The far left is misc books used on a regular basis our sight words DVDs. 

Homeschool School Room-25

The next cube over has all of our books for our group History/Geography/Bible study.

Homeschool School Room-26

The next cube over has all of our reference books. Dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias, and more.

Homeschool School Room-27

The last cube on the top has extra binders, as well as a few kids’ Road Trip USA binders that are used weekly.

The next 2 rows except 2 cubes contain art supplies, manipulatives, educational games we use regularly, extra paper and notebooks, and more. I wanted clear bins so that we could easily see what’s inside each of the bins. Eventually, I will put visual labels onto the front of the bins, but for now, they don’t have labels.

Homeschool School Room-28

This cube contains light table supplies, the bin below it has note cards and extra chart stickers.

Homeschool School Room-29

The top bin in this cube has our watercolors, glitter, and glitter glue. Below are different manipulatives we use for many different activities like math and sensory bins.

Homeschool School Room-30

The top bin in this cube has paintbrushes, and clay. The container below that has finger paints, magnets,  and bracelet/necklace string.

Homeschool School Room-31

Next, we have our stamps and stamp pads, below that is all of our extra crayons/markers/colored pencils. I always buy our coloring supplies in bulk at the beginning of the school year when I can get them for really cheap. This is the bin they are stored in until we need them.

Homeschool School Room-32

The next bin has tons of misc art supplies which is a ton of misc. items. The one below that has many math games and manipulates.

Homeschool School Room-33

Next, we have our extra paper, folders, and we now have our box of spiral notebooks, and math-u-see blocks on top of this bin.

Each of the rest of the shelves has a wicker basket inside of them. Each of the kids had their own basket. Serena keeps her school books up in her room, so there are only 5 baskets.

These are great for the kids school books and make it so they don’t end up piled up all over the house. The baskets are the perfect size to stand school books inside of, as shown below, and fit perfectly inside of the cubes. We found these baskets at our local Lowe’s and were lucky they had 5 of them left. We have had them for about a year now and they are holding up great to regular use!!

homeschool organization
Homeschool School Room-35

On the top of our shelf we have all our cookie cutters that are used for play dough, cookie making, tracing, and more. Below those are all of our tempera and watercolor bottles of paint.

Homeschool School Room-36

Next to that, we have our sheet protectors and we have added our laminating sheets and bookbinding supplies as well. 

Homeschool School Room-37

Next to that, we keep our paper organizer which is where our colored paper, lined story paper, handwriting paper, and more are kept. I have our big 11×13 paper on the top along with our hole puncher.

Homeschool Organization

Homeschool School Room-52

That was a look into our upstairs storage, now onto our big storage in the basement. You can look at what our schoolroom looked like in this room in my previous post. My wonderful husband and kids built me these shelves to store our themed school items and other items that don’t need to be out on a regular basis. This worked perfectly for us and I love them.

Homeschool School Room-53
Homeschool School Room-45
Homeschool School Room-46
Homeschool School Room-47
Homeschool School Room-48
Homeschool School Room-49
Homeschool School Room-50

Each of the big storage bins contains a theme. In each of those themed bins, there are all those themed learning items we have. It is such a great way to store them all together so that I can find them when we work on a particular theme or unit!

Homeschool School Room-51

These drawers house all of our Montessori practical life items, sensory bin tools, recycled materials for art projects, water and sand table supplies, and more. The small drawers have little items in them for our alphabet learning, each drawer holds that letters items.

We do still have our storage closet that I shared in our previous post. These shelves contains books, teachers manuals not in use, art trays, and lots of other lose items. The shelves in there my husband built for me also, yes he’s pretty awesome!

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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Oh my… You have so much homeschool supplies. I love how you have everything organized and set up. Your children are so blessed to have so much to work with. I love using mason jars to store paint brushes and pens in. I have never thought of using photo containers to store supplies. You are so amazing. I love reading your posts. Thanks for inspiring me to get more organized. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. We sure have acclimatized so many supplies over the years. It is a constant battle to keep them organized and to get rid of what we are not using anymore. I love Mason jars for so many things, they are versatile thats for sure!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a blessed week!

    • You are so right, having things where they belong makes such a difference in how children learn. I’m glad you enjoyed the ideas. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a blessed week!!

  2. Very nice! My apt is about the size of a small garage. 230 sq ft?. It’s real cluttered Inn here and is hard to keep everything organized with a 4 yr old being a 4 yr old… We don’t have a lot of things and what we do have, we don’t have no room for.. How do you teach a child that don’t listen? I am a single Mother. Well I basically play all roles. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles and so forth.. It’s hard cuz I don’t have a job or a babysitter and we spend every day together which isn’t a bad thing. I just get overwhelmed as does she and I’m constantly trying to get us to a better place so I find myself neglecting her needs and spending quality time with her?.. Do you have any ideas on how I can get started and what my child should know already at almost 4-1/2?? Thanks

    • Melissa,
      Wow that is a small space to try and work with, I’m sure it is cluttered! At 4 years old I would to tot trays, maybe printables using characters they love, sensory ideas, and just hands on learning ideas nothing to structured or complicated yet. This is the time I would spend with her, and then afterwards do what you need to do to earn money. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, especially not having any help. I’m sure you are very overwhelmed, I would contact a local church and see if they can recommend anyone to babysit even if it’s only once a month you can afford, getting time away is so very important for your well being. If you ever want to talk feel free to email me personally at nicole @mamaofmanyblessings.com just delete the space (did it to keep spammers away 😉 ) I will be keeping you in my prayers!!

  3. Wow, you have a lot of homeschool supplies! I wish I had a space for big shelves like yours. I have a big china cabinet and a couple of other storage cabinets and that’s it. I haven’t seen those photo organizers. That was a good idea. I use old wipes boxes myself to organize our art supplies, and I have them labeled and stacked neatly on my china cabinet shelf. It works well. Thanks for posting; I like to see how other people organize their homeschool stuff.

  4. We’ve found that the kids prefer working at the kitchen table or in their rooms too. I am always re-organizing our supplies as my kids get older and we have less “stuff.”


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