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With St. Patrick’s Day getting close I thought it would be fun to made some green goo to put in our sensory bin. I originally found this recipe but have made a bigger batch and also changed it around a little bit because we didn’t have clear glue.
I do have a couple bits of advice for making and using the goo.
  1. The green good gets stuck into carpet very easy, and will then dye your carpet the color of the goo, we chose to use the bin over some of our hard wood floor. I would suggest using it over some hard wood floor, linoleum, or tile floor, so you don’t have to worry about messes made on your carpet.
  2.  If stored in a ziplock bag when not in use you can reuse the goo many times!
  3. Share the fun with your friends/family! We had my niece over when we made our goo, and that made playing with the goo even more fun, of course we sent her home with some to!

How To Make Your Own Flubber:


For some reason ours was not going to suck up all of the water, the kids played with it for a while, and ended up making the glob of goo suck the rest of the water up.

Each day when they would get the goo back out and add about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup of water and work it into the goo. With our sensory tub we used, even when the boys were chopping up their “scrambled eggs” the pieces stayed inside the bin and did not really fly all over like I was worried about. This sensory bin was the favorite of all the kids, the younger boys sat at the bin for many hours daily when we had it out!
Here are the kids helping me mix up and make our green goo.
After we mixed everything in the kids worked in the rest of the water. Giving them a couple spatulas, spoons, and small bowls made the goo even more fun to play with.
As you can see there is no more water it had finally all been mixed into our green goo. The kids continued to add cups of water as the goo got dry for the next few days of use.
Here is Anthony and Ethan making scrambled eggs out of our green goo.
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. This looks like so much fun. All kids love goo! Pinned.

    I would love it you would link up on our Artsy Play Wednesday kids’ activity party. Opens at midnight Est each Wed at

    • Amberjane,
      It is amazing how much kids love sensory play, I’m sure they would have loved it!! Thanks for stopping over and commenting! Have a great weekend!!


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