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Group Classes For the 2015-2016 Year


Today I am going to give you a look a the classes that will be done together in a group in our homeschool. Now that Ethan is in 2nd grade I am working on doing group studies together with the older kids once again. This has been so helpful to group different classes together with multiple kids.

History, Geography, Bible

Genesis  – Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt ~


We are using the Charlotte Mason guide from Simply Charlotte Mason this year for our History/Geography/Bible. We will be studying Genesis through Deuteronomy for bible and working on studying Ancient Egypt for history/Geography.

I have always really loved the Charlotte Mason way of education, and since we love learning from good books so it was a perfect fit. We have been using this now for about 5 months and it has worked out wonderfully so far for us.

I also hope to add in the handicrafts and plenty of nature study when we are out exploring nature trails from the Simply Charlotte Mason site as well.

Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible

There are many different books and resources we will be using for Geography/History/Bible this year, some are resources for all the kids, other are for the middle schoolers, and yet others are only for the High Schoolers. You can find a complete list here on Simply Charlotte Mason, below is a picture of all the book resources. I purchased a few audio books to listen to in the car on the trip to classes we are adding in this year that are obviously not in the picture.
Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible

Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible

I have already looked through both Hungry Planet and Material World and they are amazing books I am excited to go through with the kids this year. These would be an amazing resource to add to ANY homeschool library, they give kids an in depth look into the lives of people from different countries around the world.

Charlotte Mason History, Geography, Bible

We are adding a few other resources to get us through our study that were not recommended by Simply Charlotte Mason, they are shown in the picture below.

I have purchased a TOOB of ancient Egypt  and another world landmarks TOOB that we will be using for a hands on sensory ideas through out the year.

We will be using Window on The World to help us pray for different people around the world, and Old Testament Days activity guide will be some fun hands on learning for the kids do.

Curriculum 2015-2016-1

We have used Draw, Write, Now series before, but I was not aware that there are History ones too. I found this one that is Creation through Jonah, which is perfect to go along with our studies this year so the kids will use this through out our year.Curriculum 2015-2016-3

Scripture Memory  

Verse Packs ~ Using the Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System We will be working through verse back 1 and be memorizing about 50 verses during the year. The younger boys also work on memorizing longer sections for their Wednesday night church. They memorized Luke 1:68-79 for the Christmas program and will be starting another soon for the end of the year program.


Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space Science plus Extra Resources ~ This class will only be Cody, Anthony, Ethan, and Gabriel (if he chooses to join us.)

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space Science

Because we homeschool year round we work on our science class during the summer, and leave the rest of the year open for other subjects. This also makes it so that we are not having to skip certain experiments during the cold months because we cannot get certain specimens or do certain experiments.

We are adding in some extra resources for this program as well.

Curriculum 2015-2016-4

Curriculum Photos-33


Music Appreciation from Zeezok ~ We reviewed this program for the iHomeschool Network, and have fallen in love with it. So we will continue to use it through out the year this year. This is a class that Cody, Anthony, Ethan, and Gabe will be doing together.

Curriculum 2015-2016-5

Curriculum Photos-8



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  1. Hello! I’m amazed with so many great ideas! I live in Brazil and has started studying History and Geography with SCM curriculum. I’d like to have more fellowship with you, sister.


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